Tips and tricks to help induce astral projection?

I’ve been trying to astrally project for several months now without much success. I think I’ve reached Focus 10, but I cannot get any further. I know that it takes a lot of practice, but it is really important for me to be able to astrally project within the following week. Does anyone have any useful tricks or tips to help induce astral projection?

Please do not answer if you have never experienced astral projection.

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  1. I think if you keep thinking of it in foci you’re not gonna get anywhere, because if you make any progress you’re gonna be thinking, “Oh my God… did I get into the next focus?”

    Just let it happen. Relax everything. Visualize all the tension leaving you, like a draining liquid. Clear your mind.

    There’s no surefire way. There’s nothing that can guarantee you will do it within the next year. It will happen eventually though.

  2. Helps to call on the Holy Spirit for Guidance and Protection. Psychologically, and it will bring real beings to help you. Try
    picturing yourself standing at the end of your bed looking at yourself.
    Or on the roof looking around. Some say see yourself in space between the Earth and the Moon. As there are lost souls that cling to you when you are too close to the Earth Plane.

  3. It’s important to be comfortable while attempting. So if you are not comfortable laying on your back, don’t do it that way.
    For me, I’ll never fall asleep laying on my back so I astral project on my side.

    Too much concentration/focusing can make your attempt fail. Too less can cause you to sleep and have thoughts. You do not need a clear mind but what you need is to get closest you can to the clear mind without thinking about clearing your mind.

    You should also try to induce the sensation you feel before it happens.
    For me I always feel the floating sensation. So I’d try to induce that by feeling that I’m getting lighter with each breath I take. Like my lungs are getting filled with helium.

    By the way, it is very important not to think of your body. Never think of your body. If you were to astral project and think of your body, you’ll be back in it before you know it.

    Good luck

  4. hmm well there may be something going on but i dont reccomend going further without at least some protection not condoms! lol just kidding

    but like some energy shields cuz not a lot of people know this but when you enter to go the astral realm you could get attacked by demons or attack your spirit or even attack your health and thats something none of us want i mean i heard stories of people feeling like almost having a severe seizure and it was cuz she was having a spirutal attack. whether you believe me or not its your choice
    or i think you can make safety by burning sage but im not very sure i dont remember how to make sheilds i think you have to open your third eye before you do it but you can still go on ahead
    most people go on ahead without taking any precautions im guessing its like having sex either you get prego or not 🙂

    but maybe your a little tense or maybe you should try some tecniques or try using binaural beats its all up to you

    and sorry for all those weird jokes
    blessed be and have fun

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