Do you know an issue about Astral projection that somebody died doing it?

If you don’t know anything about Astral projection then this is the process of separation from your physical body. Your soul or astral body can freely travel or journey to any dimensions that you would like to go.

Now my question here is to ask if you have encountered somebody or an issue that claims about Astral projection had caused death to a practitioner.

10 thoughts on “Do you know an issue about Astral projection that somebody died doing it?

  1. well, that’s what they may have blamed the death on. But unless the person was able to become a Ghost, and write on a wall that he/she died because of it, then there is no way to be able to tell.


    time to put the TV remote down get out of your mothers basement and get a Job in the reeeealllll world there buddy

  3. Yes, I once heard of a Frisbaterian who projected his soul unto the roof of the house and it wouldn’t return to his body and so he died.

  4. ahh, another who understands that which childish “physics” cannot yet explain, and possibly never will. anyway in terms of a technicality ya buddy there didn’t die from astral projection, he just didn’t figure out how to go back into his body…that or he has reached a state of enlightenment and need not go back to humanity.

  5. People die jogging and sleeping and eating. Astral projection is just a kooky new age version of meditation and if enough people do it (god knows why they would!!), someone will die of natural causes whilst doing it. It’s statistics, that’s all.

  6. Hi Craig,

    Fortunately, no you can’t die from Astral projection and you can’t get lost either.

    The astral body can always and easily find its way back no matter where it is. As a matter of fact, it is actually quite difficult to stay out in the astral for any length of time because it is just so easy to get pulled back to the physical. Any noise like a phone ringing or knock at the door or a strong emotion like fear or excitement will send us right back to the physical.

    http://www.astralweb,org is one of the best places to get solid reliable info on the topic.
    Also you might want to check out this link:

    It is a free astral workshop run by some really great folks.

    Kind regards,


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