The Wiccan Forest ©

Music composed and performed by : Arianna Euryale, Artwork (mostly) : Angela Barnett, One day in the Wiccan Forest ©, tells the Story of a lonely witch in search for the Tree of Life deep in the forest, she walks a long way in order to find it, when she does, her life, and her surroundings change, and then she comes back home just to die in peace. Music Copyright © 2009 Euryale Music

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  1. @britishwarrior19 try reading up on it but as another guy said you have to find it yourself

  2. @lorancamusic I agree with this. Although I had no idea such a thing existed until I met my ex fiance’. He is Wiccan and when I found that out, I looked it up. 🙂 I’m now a solitary witch in training. 🙂 Blessed be.

  3. @Francisco358
    Es la Historia de una Mujer Wicca y Solitaria que vive en el Bosque y que un dia se va en busca de el Arbol de la vida,
    hasta que lo encuentra,
    entonces Todo cambia a su alrededor
    y finalmente regresa y muere en Paz.

    (El Arbol de la Vida es parte de la creencia Wicca)

  4. THANK YOU!…

    It’s a Clavichord Sound with Violins in the background, you can hear’ them doing the same Arpeggio,
    But actually this song
    (and most of the songs I write)
    I composed them originally on an Acoustic Guitar,
    Thats’s where all the Ideas come from,
    …Blessed be the Guitars.

  5. I’m really loving the melody, Its so haunting.. I keep playing it over and over again. Is that a Banjo? Damn that is good.

  6. I have not,
    but I’ll check ’em out.

    …Thanks for your visit to my channel.

    – Euryale

  7. Im hoping to get a few reply to this!! What is wiccan and such im realy interested 😀

  8. Have you heard ‘Follow the truth’ by Earth Culture?’. Its a pagan classic.

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