Who can teach me more about the Empathic Power?

I am empathic. It drives me nuts sometimes. i feel everybodys emotions around me.I sometimes forget what i am feeling. I try to shield, but the strongest techniqes have not worked. I need a little help please.

4 thoughts on “Who can teach me more about the Empathic Power?

  1. I’m sorry to break it to you but there are no psychic, telekinetic or any sort of power. If they where then someone would Claim the $1,000,000 dollar price that Jame Randi is offering. Emphatic is a bit different but is not a power perse. What is happening is that you are a carrying person. You feel for others and you are able to put yourself in the other persons shoes.

    If you want to stop your empathy for others you must do one thing. This is to realized that it may not be up to you or it may not be your place to fix other peoples problem. It could also be that you make yourself to available as a crying shoulder. Is nice that you have this feeling for others. Is a god thing but, you must learn to put limits. Its OK to make yourself unavailable every now and then.

  2. Forget about that Amazing Randy! He is a jerk! I too feel others pain It is very hard to shut it off. Some of us are just born with this gift or curse if you feel that way about it. Me? I became a counselor so that I can help people.So the answer for me was to just go with it.

  3. I think what you meant to say is that you feel other people’s “Feelings”,.. rather than their “emotions”. … An emotion is an expressed feeling,.. and most everyone feels other people’s “emotions”. It is pretty hard not to.

    With that stated,.. you may or may not know that there is an ability which is more developed in some than in others, .. which is referred to as “clairsentience”. .. This is the very real ability to feel other people’s feelings,.. and as a previous poster has shared with you here,.. if you choose to, this ability can be utilised in a very constructive way to help others by way of such healing professions as that of being a psychotherapist.

    I think you may find that if you do begin to focus on learning how to use this ability in a way that serves others,.. this will help you yourself a great deal.

    Ultimately,.. you may find that as you grow more and more into who you are,… and you begin to “ground” more into your own being,.. . you will naturally begin to experience that your boundaries with others will become more established and clear within yourself. This will result in you feeling less burdened by this sensitivity you carry and more able to serve others in a way that also serves you.

    Note also that anything you can do to help you to be more grounded within your own body, can be helpful to you. ..This might include such things as regular exercise and physically exertive activity. Martial Arts may be very helpful for you. ……… Also eating grounding foods such as “beets” or “red meat”, etc.. can be helpful with this.

  4. I am empathic, too. For a long time, I experienced the same problem you are having. I have found that I feel drained when I release too much of my energy to “feeling” other people’s feelings. It can be overwhelming. I have to be very mindful of the boundaries between my own feelings and others’. I use this gift to provide advice to my friends and to understand people better, but I have begun to recognize when to pull back. I just separate myself from the negative energy. There have been instances when I have had to tell someone that I cannot help them with a problem, because it is too much for me emotionally. If delivered in a caring way, this message is usually received well. Remember, this gift has a purpose. It is important to use it wisely.

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