Wiccan Song/Chant-Please Read All The Discription

The New Moon Wiccan Chant If You Are Againest Our Ways Then Why Do You Insist On Looking Us Up.. For God It Could Be A Sin For Some In Certain Religions So I Request That No One Who Is Going To Trash Talk This Chant To Please Not Comment And Keep Your Words To Yourself! Why Would You Look At Something That You Are Against And Hate!!

25 thoughts on “Wiccan Song/Chant-Please Read All The Discription

  1. honored maiden huntress artumus, artumus, new moon come to us, silver-shining wheel of radiance, radiance, mother, come to us honored queen of wisdom, hecate, hecate old one come to us come to us

  2. @briggles Read ALLOT of books, and form your own opinions. If the given opinion in a book does not feel right to you, find your own opinion. The most important thing is how You feel about Your beliefs.

  3. @Oodlesxofxnoodles not wiccan, just curious,what do the chants actually mean? i think its in a diff. language???

  4. I love listening to these chants. They give me inspiration when I am planning a ritual.
    This bit of my news will make a few wiccans happy. I had a fight at collage today with a guy of the church cus he helled in the middle of the corridor she worships the devil. Lets just say i left him speech less and he looked like a crazy person 🙂

  5. This is the problem with this world we live in. People don’t respect other people because they are different from them. To be able to argue the wrongs and rights of religion, or any other thing, you have to understand it first. I call this ignorance and unfortunately the world is full of ignorants.

    Blessed Be my brothers and sisters

  6. I love this song, It truly brings peace to my mind and heart. Please join me in peace, and enjoy your life and the beauty around you.

  7. @TeeHeeandSquee
    Im with you on that one. Iv discovered that the hatred towards Wiccan’s is based upon fear & total ignorance. Ignorance & fear appears to be the enemy.

    My dearly departed; MaryAnn is Wiccan & even today- we still communicate, even though she crossed over 20 yrs ago.

  8. I love this stuff. Wiccan’s are great and are to be cherrished, they are next to the god’s and goddesses if not sitting on their hands. *bows softly*

  9. A beautiful chant. Please, if you would, send me some of these chants to me? Thank you, and blessed be.

  10. Blessed Be!Wicca Is So Beautiful and peaceful!it’s a shame there is hate against Wicca,peope should not judge!but we shall stay strong and have faith!!:D

  11. i love selene`~moongoddess`
    i never knew true peace till i became wiccan..
    blessed be all of you ..what a gathering we would be…)O(*~

  12. Hecate is actually the ancient greek goddess of magic, in case you were wondering. Blessed be!

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