Guide to Mystical Numerology : What Are Master Numbers in Mystical Numerology

Study the numbers of the universe; learn all about master numbers and mystical numerology in this free video on numerical divination and new age symbolism. Expert: Gnobo Calypso Contact: Bio: Gnobo Calypso has studied and practiced astrology and Mystical Numerology for over 30 years and currently has an office at the New Age Center in Sedona Arizona. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

12 thoughts on “Guide to Mystical Numerology : What Are Master Numbers in Mystical Numerology

  1. I am curious..not sure how to pronounce her name or spell it..But she mentions that she is a healer..Does she get sick with Viruses?

  2. im a cancer, year of the dragon.
    I have an 11 and a 22! and my number is
    I still dont know what all this means!

  3. Born Aries with Sagi rising in the year of the Tiger, Life path # is 1, Expression # is 11, Soul urge # is 22.
    Accomplished artist, well travelled, good communication skills, leader, spiritual, psychic medium .

  4. i am also an aquarius … star sign 11 born in january which is a 1. can someone please increase my knowledge on this please. it could help me further in my quest for truth. thankyou NSS

  5. What does mean if your first name is equal to 11 and Last name is equal to 33, .. My personality number is 11 as well 😀

  6. I can produce massive energy in my hands in an instant. What does this mean? I have been seeing master numbers all my life, including my siblings and my mom.

  7. I have a life path number 22 but I find it difficult to deal with can you help me ?

  8. It doesn’t help when you are a more Right brain balanced soul to begin with. & born into a Left brain out of balanced world, to help restore the balance. All just to finally realize that the (EvilArchey) Devil Doers that run our planet secretly use Esoteric & Occult sciences to rule over us. Brainwashed us to believe the divination arts are less superior then Pseudo-Religions…
    Sorry for the Rant, great vid thanks.

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