“How Do I Love Thee?” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Lizzie was quite a corker, clever too. Her mysterious illness was probably just the laudanum. (opium) Robert Browning got lucky when he wrote her a fan letter.

4 thoughts on ““How Do I Love Thee?” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  1. theres a ad in uk with the reading of this poem. read with such beauty. do you think we can down load it?

  2. Three versions of the line have been published. There’s the one you quote and the one I quote – but we’re both wrong.

    The original 1850 version of “Sonnets from the Portuguese” gives the line as “I love THEE with THE passion put to use”;
    The most reliable and original source I can find is Great Books and Classics.

    Thanks from bringing this to my attention though. I’ll check my sources more thoroughly in future.


  3. you’re a missing a “thee” in the line “I love THEE with a passion put to use”

  4. this is for colt…but it’s impossible for me to love him anymore than i already do..<3

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