Why is Virgo considered to be the subservient ninny of all the zodiac signs?

Virgo’s are depicted as the “bow and scrapers” of all the zodiac signs. I CRINGE every time I pick up a magazine, book, or online scribes about the sign of Virgo. I have no interest in being an assistant, or a second banana to anyone! Leading or directing a situation has always been key in my character, and anything less for me, would be a thankless job, for a thankless person.

4 thoughts on “Why is Virgo considered to be the subservient ninny of all the zodiac signs?

  1. lol…I know what you mean. Try being everyone’s astrological “father figure” and the “serious old dude” of the zodiac….

    But, no, that’s not really what Virgo was intended to be, even if modern “astrologers” are getting too lazy to actually get into the depth of the placement.

    Virgo was the traditional storyteller and keeper of knowledge in the clan. The emblem of the Virgin holding the wheat (which is a symbol of knowledge) depicts one who holds all the ancestrial wisdom, passed down from generation to generation. This meaning has long been lost to modern astrologers, but is reflected in the interpretations that describe them as “scribes” and “recordkeepers”. Virgo was the wise woman that knew the medicinal herbs, the ways to mend the wounds, the old ways, too. This is where Virgo gets it’s association with gardening, small animals (familiars), and nursing.

    Somewhere in time, Virgo was the “medicine woman” of the clan, which was a place of influence.

    Since Virgo is mutable, it can access both Cardinal and fixed qualities of other signs. So, regardless of what modern astrologers say, you certainly have every chance to be the leader you already know you are.

    PS. Virgo is the most common placement for billionaires on Forbes Fortune 500 list: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12057084/

  2. im a virgo and like to acomplish stuff and don’t like being “second banana’ either
    i really liked that article from the other answerer, it made me feel good to be a virgo!

  3. Miguel A you just asked the question I have been wanting to ask. I have always felt like I wanted to lead myself. Never felt any subservient to anyone, and can’t stand being in a second rate position work wise, knowing that I can actually be the one making things happen and organizing the troops. Most Virgo descriptions I find are crap!!! The first person who replied to you is right, modern astrologists have indeed totally lost touch, they know nothing. Do yourself a favor and don’t read anymore descriptions. You know who you are. We know who we are, and bullocks to modern astrologists and their arrogant wanna be so called researches. These people have long forgotten about doing their homework!!! Not to brag, even though already doing so lol but as an archaeologist, I could actually teach them a great History lesson as far as astrology, where it came from and what it really is, are concerned!!! What would they know ppff

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