Are atheists generally quite perceptive and empathic people?

If so, do you think this explains why atheists devote so much time and energy to attacking the things that religious people believe? Maybe atheists just can’t stand seeing other people waste their lives believing lies and they can’t stand seeing religious organizations manipulate their hordes of slack jawed yokels with tricks and traps designed to exploit human weaknesses. If atheists weren’t perceptive and empathic, they wouldn’t see all this so this means that atheists are perceptive and empathic, right?

9 thoughts on “Are atheists generally quite perceptive and empathic people?

  1. Some are, some aren’t. You can’t generalise about atheists because they are not in any sense a group or organisation.

  2. Atheists dont pity religious people. Satan uses them to deceive them just as they are deceived.

  3. Sorry, Desiree, I have to part ways with you on this one.
    My experience has been that atheists are just people; there are good ones and bad ones, perceptive ones and clueless ones; empathetic ones and selfish, nihilistic ones. Just like any other group of people.

    But here’s the thing: even if every atheist in the entire world was the biggest jerk anybody had ever met, even if they were all mean and nasty and smelled bad…it wouldn’t mean they were wrong 🙂 There’s still no evidence for any god, and so no reason to believe in one.


  4. I agree some are and some are not. You can say the same thing of people of other beliefs who can’t stand to see atheists wasting their lives believing there is no God. I think your argument goes both ways, atheist and people who believe in God can both be perceptive and empathetic because both are passionate about what they believe and wants the other to see what they believe to be truth.

  5. I do think that walking around with a vision of some hypothetical deity on your mind blinds you a bit to the thoughts and troubles of the people around you. People are so trivial, compared with that vision.


    John Popelish

  6. I agree with Well Travelled. Let’s take you, for instance. Perceptive and intelligent, yes, but you do not show much empathy for those who disagree with you. I might even be tempted to say that your ruthless vehemence in persecuting the believers could all be reversed one day, in a “conversion experience”, and you would become an evangelist!!!

    Does that horrify you? I mean no insult. But the signs are there. ….;-)

  7. I’m surprised you haven’t noticed – given that you’re an empiricist – that atheists come in all the same variety as everyone else. There are fanatics, blinkered people, rigid people, among them – and of course, some perceptive and empathic ones. As there are among religious people.

    If you’re really so perceptive, I’m surprised you hadn’t noticed that not all religious people fit your demeaning stereotype. Not all religious people have the sort of concept of the divine etc that you seem to imagine them to have.

    Your argument is, of course, circular and shows nothing. You claim that atheists see something (which I’d say was pretty unperceptive of them) and that to see it shows they’re perceptive. Hm, methinks not.

  8. No more so than any other people. If I were to use you as an example, I’d say no.
    Sorry if I give offense, but reading through your questions and answer then you are OCCASIONALLY perceptive, but rarely empathic. You just seem to have a deep anger or some other cause that makes you seem to hate ANYONE who believes in any form of God.

    Words like
    slack jawed yokels

    That’s not empathic. That’s judgmental and overly opinionistic.

    Empathy is
    Identification with and understanding of another’s situation, feelings, and motives

    You obviously don’t understand our feelings, situation or motives. You are making assumptions about them and declaring them truth when you have none. It’s kind of sad, really.

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