Auld Lang Syne

Well this is me playing Auld Lang Syne on a banjo. I realised afterwards that, inexplicably, I can actually play it better when I speed up (?). I suppose it’s that old analysis paralysis. Once again, loads of errors, but, as usual, I was too lazy to re-record it. I was going to tag a spoken bit onto the end wishing you all a happy new year, but I forgot, so I shall instead quote from my script: “Happy new year everyone!” Update: Dr1303 has done a good job backing me up on this tune. Check it out:

25 thoughts on “Auld Lang Syne

  1. I just got the lyrics man and sang along to you. You’ve touched my heart with this little effort. I’m sure I’m not the only one!

  2. Mate, that is awesome!!!!!! Such a simple man you are, with such a simple ability to make such a classic piece stand firm for all time! Well done, seriously, well done. One of the best renditions of this melody I’ve ever heard ( and I’ve heard many). It’s missing only one thing that would’ve made it perfectly complete and that’s a bunch of people singing along to it. God bless you, I hope you find your chops bro!!

  3. Very nice! Thanks! Just got my first banjo. This video is really inspiring. Next time will you please show your plucking fingers?

  4. Sort of a 5 year tradition now to listen to your song. Thanks! Happy new year!

  5. thats terriffic from a banjo player in takeley.hope to hear more keep up the picking .

  6. The sound of a Banjo makes me cringe. Ugh…
    But the picking was still good.

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