Do the god and goddess that wiccans believe in have names? And can they believe in different deities?

I wanted to research them but I dont know if the god and goddess have names.

Also, I met some Wiccans who believe and worship bast, an egyptian goddess, is this possible.

And if they can believe in different gods and goddesses, which can they believe in?

3 thoughts on “Do the god and goddess that wiccans believe in have names? And can they believe in different deities?

  1. there’s no set pantheon they must worship. they pick whatever deity they feel best suited to.

    they also see gods and goddesses as arechetypes of ideas rather than literal beings.

  2. Wiccans believe in a Universal Mother/Nature Goddess sometimes referred to as the Lady of the Moon. Many goddesses are associated with the Moon and are thought to be different forms of the same Universal Mother Goddess. They also believe in a universal dying and resurrecting God associated with the cycles of nature. He is sometimes called The Horned God because he is male nature god (like male forest animals that have horns or antlers) or else The Lord of Death and Resurrection. Many pagan gods–and the Christian god–is a Lord of death and resurrection. They are differnt forms of the same deity. Some Wiccans and pagans, however, are polytheistic and believe that there are many deities “out there.” Whether polytheistic, henotheistic, or monistic, they often also choose a patron deity or two–a specific deity to relate to–any deity that they feel attracted to be it Bast or Hecate or Cerrunos or Dionysius, etc. Wiccans and pagans today are generally non-dogmatic and respect each other’s belief in and choice of deities.

  3. I’m not sure if you’re an apprentice. No, modern wiccans can’t believe in more than three at a time, but because of evolution I wouldn’t be concerning yourself or if you have already on any fixed translation of any text that says anything about believing in an earthly figment of imagination!

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