Gloria Blancia Grand Master Hilot Kung Fu Massage Yoga Therapy Massage Part 2 International

View our website Creator of Hilot the key of the source Grand Master Angel L. Blancia (Blancia Traditional Culture) A miracle healing was endured by GM Angel L. Blancia. An integral part of culture that was not recognized by the DOT Department of Tourism in the Philippines and Government in the Philippines at his timed. “Healing Art” known as “Hilot” in Ilongo language. Meaning, a nature art of “Pressure Point”. In terms of “Massage” touching and triking both are healing art majority in the whole system of the human body. Created by (GM Angel L. Blancia) Concerning Massage Therapy “HILOT”, absolutely: Grand Master Angel Blancia cured much of peoples during the past decade. There are some clients until now are still alive most probably are old already but still remain and impossible to forgot their Maestro Angel L. Blancia. Mrs Helen Brown (Filipina American) got a problem about her posture. She is suffering “Kuba” as buktot. For sure; is one of the patient of “Grand Master Angel Blancia “. Believe it or not , she was cured thru massage technique. Now Grand Master Gloria Blancia Thirnish cured much of peoples with “HILOT” Kung-Fu Massage & Yoga Therapy Massage.

3 thoughts on “Gloria Blancia Grand Master Hilot Kung Fu Massage Yoga Therapy Massage Part 2 International

  1. Proud to be Filipino. Although, is so short information but can help a lot for those people (Filipino, Filipino Chinese, Chinese, Filipino American, American, Filipino German, German, Filipino Canadian, Canadian, Filipino African, African, and all around the world who are blindness, especially who loved martial arts, the true story realiable and seeking the truth. Blancia still alive and exist in this whole world. Its time to reveal, behind the closed door since longtime ago.

  2. Les techniques que mon père Grand Master Angel L. Blancia qu’il m’a enseigné sont très révélateur et très unique.

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