Hold Loved Ones Near to Your Heart With a Photo Locket

“I long to have…a memorial of every being dear to me in the world. It is not merely the likeness which is precious in such cases – but the association and the sense of nearness…”

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, noted Victorian poet, wrote these words in an 1843 letter to novelist Mary Mitford. More than 150 years later, her feelings on cherished photographs are still shared by many. Having-and being able to keep near-photographs of loved ones is precious indeed.

What better way to preserve and hold dear a treasured photo than with a stylish photo pendant?


Photo pendants are created from a sturdy, but lightweight jeweler’s grade pewter. This lead-free alloy yields a lovely silver-tone finish. Each pendant is created in the USA by an experienced artisan and designed with a dual-sided locket intended to showcase two photos.

No two photo pendants are exactly alike, promising the wearer a one-of-a-kind showpiece. Due to the hand crafted nature of the product, variations in materials and artistry result in subtle but unique differences in each piece.

Lovely Style

Photo pendants are individual works of art available in rectangular and square shapes. Rectangular lockets are offered in both vertical and horizontal arrangements. Each pendant measures 1″ by 1.5″ and is artfully embellished with an intricate swirl design or accented with delicate drop pearls. A square pendant is also available, and a lovely star fixed along the top edge of the locket draws the eye to the photograph.

An 18″ chain made from the same quality materials as the locket and designed with delicate interlocking rings suspends each pendant just below the collarbone. Each necklace comes with choice of lobster-claw or toggle style clasps. The toggle clasp is permanently positioned, but the lobster-claw clasp allows for the substitution of one’s own chain of any desired length. The current trend of sporting long necklaces makes this a convenient and attractive option.

Memorable Function

Each dual-paned locket can display two photos. The wearer can experiment with different photographic effects to create different looks. Black and white photos accentuate the beautiful silver tone of the pendant and create an antique or estate look. A sepia tinted photo can provide an uncommon two-toned look, while a color photo gives the piece a contemporary feel.

Photo pendants make wonderful, unique gifts for all occasions. For an anniversary gift, the husband might place a wedding photo in the locket and present it to his wife. Brides can give these lovely necklaces as bridesmaid’s gifts, featuring a photo of the happy couple. Dad can show his affection for a new mom with a photo of baby, and children and grandchildren can stay near to grandma’s heart.

Photo pendants are a matchless, fashionable way to share cherished memories with a friend, loved one, or co-worker and display precious photographic moments to the world. A sure conversation starter, the photo pendant is a piece of jewelry she’ll reach for time and again, and treasure always.

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