Holistic medicine How do you Find a DR that believes as you do ?

I have a holistic Vet But how the heck do you find a DR
I do not believe in all the meds. the SO Called Regular Doctors give you & I was a nurse, Thank You Michele

3 thoughts on “Holistic medicine How do you Find a DR that believes as you do ?

  1. Simply do a google search on Holistic practitioners or natural doctors. They have schools that can refer you to them as well.

  2. an wholistic practitioner such as a naturopath believes in resolving health issues from the source rather than bandaiding the symptoms with toxicsludgemeds mate ……. i believe your best bet is to do as the other poster said and google wholistic practitioners such as naturopaths in your area.


  3. Comparing a nurse to a doctor is like comparing a five year old with a toy rocket to Werner von Braun. Think you have what it takes to be a doctor, try this practice test:


    scroll to page 23 then tell me you’re on par with doctors because you’re a nurse. Better hope those holistic guys you seek actually have some knowledge.

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