ICPA – Chiropractic in Pregnancy for Safer Births

Dr. Jeanne Ohm, Executive Director of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, discusses the importance of chiropractic care during pregnancy and for infants.

14 thoughts on “ICPA – Chiropractic in Pregnancy for Safer Births

  1. note: our current medical system of child birth has resulted in one of the highest infant mortality rates in the developed word. In spite of the fact that the usa spends more money on health…I mean disease care that any other nation in the history of the world…

  2. I agree- why do we give birth on our backs? We can be so much more comfortable with moving around and not lying on our backs.

  3. This is crap. If you are with child, go see an OB-GYn, A real doctor not a witcj doctor

  4. Only a few….. that’s funny. Med’s have their place, but….. not enough charactors to say what I want. Doctorsartorius, I know we’ve talked before. If your so against what we do, then why do you keep watching the chiro vids?? That’s the only place I ever see you. No offence. But don’t offer bad or misleading advice. EVERYONE has their place. I’m not on Medical vids on youtube offering my advice, I just don’t watch them.

  5. Doc . Let’s get something straight. “TCC” is known not to be a very good chiropractic college. Had you have gone to National you would not be saying that. I am certainly not against meds but the truth is that a significant number of meds are taken off the market, perhaps not due to death but for other reasons. You happened to go to a not so good chiro school and a good med school.

  6. A lot of what Dr Ohm says is true. But she clearly has not seen a home birth go drastically wrong. She is an extremest but so are most MDs. The answer is somewhere in the middle. Even when free from nerve interference there are other factors that can result in mishaps. I understand Dr Ohm’s feelings and I understand medicine’s. Both are right and both are wrong. I believed as Dr. Ohm and my child had a horrible birth injury that could have been prevented with appropriate intervention.

  7. Also, google “Joanne Gallagher” and read what she caused because of her straight chiropractic healthcare fraud.

  8. No, the first 2 years of MD and DC schools are NOT identical! Medical school is incredibly more difficult and in depth, and I know because I went to TCC and now attend medical school. Medication is crucial to treating most diseases when administered properly, and only a few had to be removed from the market due to patient death.

  9. Who said anything about manipulations? Chiropractors make adjustments to the spine, PT’s and DO’s are trained to manipulate joints. The first two years of MD and DC school are exactly identical which would mean that if chiropractors don’t understand than neither do MD’s. How has all that legitimate scientific research worked out for all those drugs people are on. How many of those so-called validated drugs are later pulled off the market because of DEATHS.

  10. How do you believe that babies need spinal manipulations? What legitimate scientific research confirms that?

    You are obsessed with hating medicine which you do not understand. I used to think along those lines but not anymore.

  11. Great video. Thanks for adding!

    Leanne McDonald
    Office Manager, Brown Family Chiro

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