Moody Blues – Blue World (rare extended Disconet remix)

This rare remix was not for sale to the public (Disconet MWDN803 V. 8 #3). I believe the company makes authorized remixes for night clubs. For this experiment I decided to take the original Maxfield Parrish theme used in the official Blue World video and expand it to show a catalog of Parrish’s beautiful paintings. The opening picture (“Daybreak”) was the inspiration behind the original video. Trivia–The term “Parrish blue” was created for this painter who was known for his unique use of vivid blues in his work. Other artists to use Parrish have been Barclay James Harvest (Time Honoured Ghosts lp cover), the Bellamy Brothers (Let your Love Flow cover) and Enya (Caribbean Blue video). VIDEO (Windows XP moviemaker): I wanted to do more experimenting with editing options. None of the artwork has been altered, but I used scans from different sources to experiment with different blending/transition effects. I also explored using specific transitions to echo sound effects in the song. I wanted to try more ways to create rhythm and motion using stills. No video effects were used. Please join my new board:

25 thoughts on “Moody Blues – Blue World (rare extended Disconet remix)

  1. I adore Maxfield Parrish and the music of the Moody Blues-what a magical combination! Thank you so much.

  2. Hi.
    I have seen this song set to many videos on Youtube, and so far, this is the best. I love Maxfield Parrish and the art work is lovely, but every time I hear this song, I am reminded of the ‘Legend of Zelda’ video game series, and I’m wondering why someone hasn’t posted this song set to clips from those video games? There are so many elements in the song lyrics which are also core to the games; keys, marble halls, voices, etc. Just curious, that’s all. Regards, Anna

  3. KumariFarscape wrote, “I am a sound engineer working for local bands and I could do a better and smoother job of the mixdown on this.”

    Ok, Kumari. Do it. Can’t wait to hear it, especially since you are “an expert on the Moody’s and their music.”

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your marvelous work! I have seen The Moodies several times. But surgeons have crippled my spine and caused pain that cannot be controlled. So I will never again see them live. All I can do now is listen and remember. But YOU have made more options possible with your vids: outstanding and brilliant! Their lyrics on many songs are profound, etheral, inspiring, haunting and beautiful. Way ahead of their time from the start! No Hall of Fame: JUST HORRIFIC! PEACE Y

  5. As much as the Moodies are/were my favorite band, I have to say that their lyrical ability at times fell short of their musicality which was always, in my opinion, far ahead of most other bands.

  6. NO, you are not the only one! I am appalled that they are not in the Hall of Fame…..disgusting.

  7. even a dance mix is fabulous! why have these wonderful musicians not been given a much needed award, one that says “well done for 40 years of fantastic work”! Am i the only one?

  8. GREAT lyrics….poetic ear candy that’s right to the point of the message,without being overladen with ‘flowery nonsense’.BRILLIANT!

  9. sometimes the joy of a remix is the imperfection that comes along with it.

  10. I find it hard to believe that this is a professional remix. I am a sound engineer working for local bands and I could do a better and smoother job of the mixdown on this. And I guarantee you I am an expert on the Moody’s and their music. Most people talk of lyrics, when musically and mixwise they were FAR ahead of their time in the old days. Of course the lyrics were incredible, but the technology that they helped pioneer for their style of music is commonly overlooked.

  11. @LarryTheCitizen: I know what you mean! “Videos not required”! I remember seeing my first MB video “Sitting at the Wheel” and thinking I liked the music better w/o video! But I have a feeling Maxfield Parrish would have loved the Moody Blues and would’ve given permission to use his paintings! They fit perfectly with the music!

  12. I love your choice of music and slide collection, this is more my style of favourite watching.. thanx

  13. What an appropriate mix – Moody Blues = beautiful and ethereal and Maxfield Parrish= beautiful and ethereal. Breathtaking!

  14. This song is amazing. I can’t quite describe how I feel when I listen to it…

    While I love a lot of different music the Moody Blues are still my very favorites.

  15. i just recently found all these WONDERFUL Moodies videos. My only PROBLEM is that, when I fell IN LOVE with these guys and their music, it was with headphones on – and the “video”, if required, was only provided by me and Dr. Leary. I just find it too bad that we/they can’t just HEAR IT. The MUSIC these guys – and ALL of them – wrote and produced was never meant to be “seen”. (Ya know?)

  16. I’m glad I found this. Very nice work. The “professor” is impressed. Thanks.

  17. So much talent I love this song!!!!!!!! If wants the official celltone for this song I grabbed it at TheSickestTones. com a bit ago **

  18. I dont understand why some people hate on this song its good…..Hey I just got the ringtone too at GrabTones. com ……………

  19. The official ringtone for this song is available complimentary @ DownloadEveryTone. com I just got it!

  20. Wonderful collection of Parrish art! The selections are nicely synched to the music, too. Thanks for your efforts.

  21. If you like rarities and want to discover more gems like this, check out my new bulletin board–click on “more info” about this video, upper right.

  22. this is a band that deserves the best of the best that the world can offer them! they have meant so much to so many people over the years, they need a very distinct award!

  23. i agree! this song should have inducted them into the hall of fame! we all have to love the music!

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