Old King Cole in Giclee at Harvest Productions

The making of the Maxfield Parrish Old King Cole mural in giclee at Harvest Productions

4 thoughts on “Old King Cole in Giclee at Harvest Productions

  1. Awesome music! Nicely done video, by the way. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to glimpse the workings of fine art reproduction. Technology is great ain’t it!

  3. Sorry, My day job is sales, My hobby is Photography/Video. So when the boss says, “Grab your camera!”…I don’t have a lot of time to bring in a crew to help me do it right. It’s about the art, not the video! Otherwise the National Museum of American Illustration wouldn’t use Harvest exclusively my friend.

  4. For a high quality art reproduction company the video is blurry and bad!

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