25 thoughts on “Sylvia Plath Interview – Part 2

  1. Pedantic, I know, but listen again, there are many um’s and er’s. Naturally so. Nothing wrong with these in speech.

  2. She is so articulate, listening to her is an experience in itself. Her mind was astonishing.

  3. @Avicenna321


    in a better place?

    Not unless Sylvia has anything to say about that!


  4. There’s an ‘er’ in the transition between 0:11 and 0:12, but yes, she fashions her words well in open conversation.

  5. ‘As a teen ager’
    ‘A poet lives on eeaar’
    Ha her diction is beautifully composed. What’s interesting to note is how her Bostonian formality breaks when she is reading the Ariel poems like ‘Daddy’. She seems to forget herself in these poems, and her real tragic self emerges.

    Sylvia, Assia and now Nicholas. Hope they’re in a better place now.

  6. I just love this interview… Ms. Plath deserves all the adoration people give her.

  7. ‘Ossify’ –

    1 : to change into bone
    2 : to become hardened or conventional and opposed to change

    A delicious word choice – I think she was hinting at the state of the English poetry scene at the time.

  8. She respects all disciplines, as long as they don’t…oscify? What was the word she said? Near the beginning…

  9. Sylvia operates on a very high level. She’s so high above me, she’s so lovely!

    Life, kalon, Sylvia Plath. Down in Albion.

  10. she sounds so stable and happy! It’s impossible to think that she had taken her own life

  11. The manner and tone she talks reminds me Vivian Leigh who , too, had a turbulent time with the spouse because of her mental problems.

  12. The “trivia” Sylvia talks about finding interesting makes me think of the flowers she painted all around Court Green. Assia apparently found that quite irritating and affected when she first visited.

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