We all come from the Goddess

We all come from the Goddess Video by lichtengel60 www.cirkelvandegodin.nl www.cirkelvandegodin.nl

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  1. i just told someone else about the hoof and horn part of the chant.

  2. @Catlover19921 Ah I can see that… I was born into a relatively loose Christian household didn’t do church. I just knew it wasn’t for me. I also didn’t know I could choose a religion never crossed my mind as a possibility. Like I said there are probably some genuine Atheists out there but I believe even they have a Spirituality even if they don’t call it that.

  3. @Rain4732 well as a child, i did not have any knowledge that i could choose my own religion, until i was 8 and went to Salem.
    i was fascinated in the history, but i was born into an atheist household

  4. PT 2 Many Atheists are only so even in your case not because of disbelief in Deity but because they didn’t agree with the Abrahamic Faiths ideas and didn’t know any other way about it. A situation of “throwing the baby out of the bathwater” That is what was meant by that. Nothing else. I had the same kind of thing I said it wasn’t that I was Atheist but not Christian either. Didn’t know how to explain it. Then Wicca came. 🙂 BB

  5. no that isn’t what I meant… I may have been incorrect in that statement anyways… the idea was that Atheists become Atheists because they don’t like the Abrahmic Religions not because they are actually Atheists. Though I think there are SOME like that I am not sure that is all of them. Thanks for pointing that out. However I find it interesting that you say you were Atheist and then found Wicca or it Found you which ever.

  6. @thebraveheart410 no need for negativity my friend. i support you, but only responding with negativity, only brings back negativity

  7. @Rain4732 and how is that, i ask you my dear friend?? before i found wicca, i was atheist, i never was stuck in the mindset of Christianity. being a good person, doesn’t necessarily mean that its related to god, im means that your nice and want to do the right thing

  8. @thebraveheart410 do not judge so easily, teach the unlearned so they might learn and teach others. thats how you kill ignorance not with knives shaped like words.

  9. PT2 Anything about that religion (FACTUAL THINGS) that they are not knowledgable about and either get them upset with you or they will think on it at least and maybe get so far as to looking it up. Make it something short and something off topic to what they are saying so it will stick. Like a Fun fact!!

  10. Pt 1
    1st off you don’t ever get your point across with name calling 2nd one is much better to keep within the breadth of knowledge to whom he/she is speaking. So instead of saying WE do not believe in Satan you can say (assuming they are Christian)

  11. Well Atheists and Agnostics as a wise man once said Are really Christians in rebellion. which means that they are still stuck in the mindset that they were given by Christianity as it is now.

  12. @caritas83 im sorry i was just wondering the same thing Blessed Be

  13. @animelver123 we do not belive in satan do ur history bicth

  14. caritas83 )O( means the trinity symbol. It symbolizes the first quarter, whole, and last quarter of the moon cycle.

  15. I assume you are referring to the song…
    well… just saying…
    Accusing a Pagan for believing in Satan is like accusing an Atheist of believing in God.

  16. it stands for the triple moons. the maiden, the mother, and the crone as waxing, full, and waning moon.

  17. It stands for the triple moon = waxing moon/full moon/waning moon

  18. Can someone please post who this music is from? I want to get the mp3!
    Blessed be!

  19. what dos )O( means? Can someone be kind enough to message me and explain?

    Blessed be

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