Are fairies localized in where they live?

I noticed on one of the TAPS Ghosthunter episodes that they were in Ireland, and were also searching for fairies as well as ghosts, being the cause of phenonmena, etc. It seems like they were big believers in fairies in that region. I do not hear much talk of fairies around except for maybe the tooth fairy.

Is belief in fairies kind of like the belief in leprechauns? Are they found only in certain parts of the world, whereas ghosts are supposedly found everywhere or at least where people believe in them?

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  1. I know there are a lot of fairies in San Francisco. hahahahaaha Plus you don’t have to look hard. You will probably see a couple of fairies holding hands walking down the street.

  2. You are right about spirits. They are everywhere, But I’ve never heard of a true-to-life fairy in this country, unless you consider Tinkerbell real. Fairies are somewhat mythical to us, but to the Irish, they are very real. I’m not sure if anyone has actually SEEN one, but that doesn’t make them unreal to the Irish. I watched the same episode of Ghosthunters that you did. The time that Grant spent sitting under the tree at the Lisheen convinced him that there may well be “fairies” inhabiting the wrath. He had no other explanation and he would not make up a story. The Ghosthunters’ mission is to disprove hauntings, not confirm them.

    As far as leprechauns go, I think even most Irish consider them mythical. However, if anyone out there can prove they are real, I would definitely stand corrected and would be anxious to hear the story.

  3. Belief in fairies is pretty much confined to primitive pre-scientific societies, which Ireland was until recently. Now they keep up appearances for the sake of gullible tourists.

  4. I don’t know anything about them…except from fairy tales etc. I wonder why I’ve never tried to research about them…or even ask about their being real. I guess I always assumed they were imaginary and fictitious. But, the one who came up with the idea…might have come up with it from experience. Has anyone really seen one? Would they be like angels? I don’t know why I really don’t have any interest in them.

  5. fairies… its not something i look into…but there have been sightings of them, they are called the little people or mostly they are called nature spirits….i also read from one of TAPS websites that they go exploring them, or looking for them mainly in ireland….some people (not many im guessing) have claimed to actually have seen them…usually in a garden or part of a forest…..i have seen a very non human entity, my first experience ever, (in italy) so if that existed i suppose other nature spirits could exist….if aliens are a possiblility i suppose fairies maybe to…but not in this realm of existence…i dont think so anyway….i mean if we look at how old the whole earth and universe is….whats to tell that something like that once lived here a very long time ago, even a billion years ago, i dont think anyone would ever know for sure, what existed here…….

  6. Err…I hate to break it to you, but fairies aren’t real. It is just a shared delusion. They reinforce each other which is why you see it more in some areas.

  7. On one hand I think, “How silly for the TAPS guys to take the faerie claims seriously.” Then I think, “Well, the existence faeries might be less probable than that of ghosts, but given the lack of evidence for either it’s no less silly investigating faeries than it is investigating ghosts.” Faeries, like ghosts are cultural phenomena. That’s one of my main complaints regarding spirits and ghosts–if they’re real, then why do they vary from culture to culture, unless we as a culture invented them?

    Personally I think the TAPS guys were just humoring the locals.

  8. Hello Mad

    Fairies or rather energy/earth spirits are not directly localised to a particular place, but rather to what they are in-tune with.

    Every earth energy has a specific ‘job’ for want of a better word, their vibration will be what places them in a particular place & it will be what they are there to help that will keep them there & not the place itself.


  9. Well, if you were listening at the beginning of the show… they said the fairies in Ireland weren’t like what we pictures faires here in the US. They aren’t little creatures with wings. They’re more like ghosts. They’re just smaller in size. About 3 feet tall or so.

  10. That was a great episode of Ghosthunters. Yes, Ireland is home to more faeries and leprechauns than anywhere else in the world, but they are free to roam. I have encountered both leprechauns and faeries in my investigations here in the US, and it’s very disheartening how stubbornly closed-minded and skeptical my fellow paranormal investigators can be about these creatures. If ghosts, why not leprechauns? Ask this question of a closed-minded paranormal investigator and they will never have a good answer for you why leprechauns are supposedly impossible.

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