Can a chiropractic treatment cause nerve damage?

What happens if a chiropractor does nerve damage? What in the body will it change? Will I feel/act different? Will it change the way the brain will work? Is it a possibility of mental retardation/illness?

How would I know if I got nerve damage?
How often does nerve damage happen due to chiropractic treatments? Should I worry about this?

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  1. I think your question goes a lot deeper. First a chiropractor can cause damage, the same as almost any health care person. There was a segment on 20/20 about chiropractors and neck adjustments. This procedure is very, very close to the procedure for a soldier uses to break the neck of an enemy. There have been some cases where a person was left in serious situations after adjustments. Ake your normal doctor if he uses chiropractors, and what to look for.pp

  2. Yes a chiropractor can cause nerve damage. Does it happen often? No. Your chances of serious injury at a chiropractic office is about the same as your chance of being struck by lightning. Incredibly rare.

    If you are considering chiropractic care, ask a friend or family member that sees one and go there!

    Chiropractic care if done properly is very safe and effective.

  3. Anytime you have any procedure done in any medical setting there are inherent risks. A simple blood draw can cause infection and lead to septicemia and eventually death. Is it common? No but is there a risk? Yes. Next time you go to any doctors office read the release form carefully.

    Now can a chiro cause injury. Yes. It is a very low incidence of injury reported in the literature. As far as your question goes, you ask about brain damage. Is there a risk? Yes. Is it common? No, just like the blood draw. So if you walk around worrying that you will become septicemic from a shot then you should worry about brain damage from a chiropractic adjustment.

    If your health status is poor and you goto a medical doctor and he recommends treatment without doing the proper assessments then you are at a higher risk of injury from those treatments. Conversely of you goto a MD and he or she does a thorough evaluation and properly diagnosis you and he or she prescribes the proper treatment and you follow recommendations properly most likely you will be fine. This is no different for chiropractic care. Bottom line, there are good MDs and bad MDs as well as good DCs and bad ones.

    There are many articles that discuss this, I found this for example…

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