The Answer (Original) Jeff Sterling

THE ANSWER © 2001 Jeff Sterling All alone now I wonder why Could it be that I am on my own Moving on through endless time Now I am sure that I may never know Then lightning flashes and thunder crashes Around me now I need to see the answer The truth I know is waiting there for me Will I ever see the answer In the end maybe some day Ill be free Here I am with this heavy load Running through the scattered maze of my mind Still I wander this endless road Looking for the answer at the end of time With lightning striking and thunder rising Around me now I see you are the answer All I know is right beneath my feet Will I ever see the answer In the end all I have is me Will I suffer for the answer All I know is right in front of me Will I ever see the answer In the end the answer is in me ********************************** Gawd! take me back to the 70’s why don’t cha! I wrote this song on acoustic guitar a long time ago and we did this 70’s 80’s rock band version for doesnot with Shayla Svengali singing the lead vocal. She is great! I am doing all the instruments, bass, guitars, drums, keys and the back vocals too! You can see the real video of this on and search through all the videos we have to share there! This video is a slideshow using Maxfield Parrish paintings. YES! I do have permission from the Maxfield Parrish Estate to use these images. They are very generous in giving permission to use these beautiful images. Anyone can get permission for limited use

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