Would You Believe – Wicca Ways – Part 1

Barbara Lee, a white witch for 30 years, allows us into her suburban her home in Killiney where she shares her experience of becoming a Wiccan. Barbara firmly believes that Wicca has been hugely misrepresented in the media. Wicca ritual is about celebrating the earth, channelling positive energies and creating healing. Barbara did not take her decision to become a witch lightly. With her father a former Anglican preacher her upbringing was strictly conventional. Indeed her own two children were raised within the church of Ireland faith. But at 19 years of age, Barbara felt that there was something missing from her religion – it was the recognition of the feminine and the celebration of the cycle of life. Today, she presides over a coven of witches that meet once a month to perform rituals and initiations. The coven also celebrates the Celtic festivals; Barbara estimates that there are 150 witches from the Alexandrian tradition in Ireland with another 2000 pagans, druids and shamen. To become Wicca is not an easy process; firstly one must have a wide knowledge of comparative religion and mythology and undergo a nine week course before initiation can even take place. Initiation also involves performing three rituals before one becomes a member of a coven. In 2007, Barbara’s world was turned upside down when her eighteen year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Barbara believes that her Wicca faith helped her through the long year of nursing Rhiannon. Sadly Rhiannon

25 thoughts on “Would You Believe – Wicca Ways – Part 1

  1. did anyone else notice the glass penis on the shelf at 1:01 seconds in ?

  2. the part that kind of spooked me was the crystal that kinda looked like a ding-a-ling to me.

  3. @musicdraganfly Christmas gives the earth rest? Are you serious? The biggest consumer time of the year gives the earth rest? I would think that the very opposite would have to be the case considering all of the excessive travel and excessive consumption of goods and services. Also, since winter doesn’t actually exist on earth everywhere all at once, the planet is only HALF “resting”, Australians are with an “awake” mother earth while our half is still “sleeping”. This talks is nonsense.

  4. @musicdraganfly If mother earth would destroy the lives of PEOPLE because she had a favorite tree (being blocked by a building?) then “mother earth” is a devil and you would probably be better off not admiring “her”. This is all assuming that the planet has agency. But if the planet has agency, why not a building too? I mean doesn’t the building have a say in this? Why ascribe agency to a huge space rock (just one of a quasi-infinitesimal many) and not that building?

  5. @musicdraganfly How do you know if the earth is “happy” or not? I bet if you went to a beautiful forest that you might infer that “the earth is happy” but if you went to a landfill or a large dump you might then be inclined to say that the “earth is unhappy”. But don’t you see, your inference is merely based on YOUR immediate feelings and not on the actual state of the planet because those forests still exist along side all these bad things. The earth is then either bi-polar, or inanimate.

  6. @xxDawlinSingerxx See exactly the problem. Many are forced to believe out of fear. I was told once that if on our death bed we say “God please forgive me I believe in you” He will take us to heaven. We have free will for a reason. If there is god he would want you to come to him out of your own free will. Blessed be

  7. @EvodiusTheophile I can say that she has been trying to get our attention for a while and she is happy with what changes we are making but there are bigger ones that need to be made. U can just feel it when the earth is happy. That is the one thing I do love about Christmas is that the earth gets to rest.

  8. @EvodiusTheophile Yes this is sad. When mother nature if u will decides there is to be a hurricane in hing kong then it is for a reason. Perhaps she felt it was time to get rid of a building that was blocking her favorite tree.

  9. @sagitarian000028 I totally agree! Many have put a stigma on it. They blurred the lines between Pagan and Wiccan. I do practice the spells and rituals myself but my favorite spells to use are protection or to help other see the path that is laid before them. When I use my spells I use them to help others never to harm. Blessed be my sister

  10. i guess it is true what I have been told. I have an old sole. I am only 24 years old and this is my story. Except the mom part. My mom did practice wicca but she was not a white witch she medeled in people’s lives seeked revenge. This went against the reed “An it harm none do what ye will.” I love being wiccan my soul feels complete here. We use to have a school but it was shut down unfortunantly… An act of christians.

  11. @machado231097
    you’ll get a lot of that.
    tell them you’re going to become a tree…
    watch their faces.

  12. @lynleyholzapfel Nature is neither loving or cruel, it’s indifferent. When we say that nature is “loving”, we really mean it’s desirable in various ways. When we say that nature is “cruel” we really mean that it’s undesirable in various other ways. Thus we praise nature because we like sunsets and the taste of fresh strawberries, and yet curse nature for the fact of physical pain and the immanence of natural death. But this does not imply that “nature” itself (which is many things) has agency.

  13. True magick is neither black nor white it is both because nature is both, loving and cruel at the same time.

  14. Whn I was younger I wanted to be a Witch and begged my mom for Witch craft books but we are Christians and I woundt turn a away from God

  15. There is no black or white magick though. =/
    There’s only magick and the person’s intent in DOING it.

  16. @KikyoChanXD “white witch” meens a good witch one who is not bad or into black majic

  17. the Harry Potter music makes me roll my eyes in a “oh geez” kind of way

  18. “White Witch”
    Does she mean race or the craft?
    There is no color in witchcraft. T_T

  19. …Harry Potter music…
    …..gee, what a way to show what real Wiccans/Witches/Pagans do and believe in.
    (Although.. I DO love Harry Potter. XD)

  20. @ machado;

    You have to realize lots of people will say that when you’re a wiccan, I used to be a buddhist and my friends would constantly try to convert me by saying ‘I want you to go to Heaven to!’ Bah, screw ’em. XD

    I’m a pagan now though. : 3

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