Art Deco Furniture

Art Deco Furniture this 8mm movie was take in 1954. See what a home was like in the 1950’s. In this case my home.

25 thoughts on “Art Deco Furniture

  1. Die Farben des Films, obwohl verfälscht, schaffen die Stimmung

  2. Cool. Do you still have this furniture?? I love how those old cameras captured the era!

  3. you’re absolutely right. BIOSHOCK’s art deco style is so great designed, it’s just pure art 🙂

  4. this is great,how did you convert the 8mm to DVD.I love the colors and that beautiful TV,I love art deco

  5. wow the colour’s good for a private film from the ’50s. is that a TV at 0:37? I’ve never seen anything like it before!!

  6. The Art Deco in the video game Bioshock is really cool too. It was one of the things that attracted me to the game.Lol.

  7. Nice documentation…looks like a good camera. Did you use reversal or negative stocks? Cinechrome? Do you remember the camera’s name?

  8. Mr. Kiesel:
    My wife and I have that same set of coffee table and end tables in our art deco home in a Chicago suburb. Thank you for sharing this film.

  9. Great video…thanks for sharing!

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  10. Thanks for posting this. I’m 25, but it’s certainly great to see this. I love art deco.

  11. This was 1950. David Rose was great, but Sinatra couldn’t possibly ruin anything. Especially for a 1950s film.

  12. Good job on Glenn Sr’s part in documenting the place. The film sure takes me back. Thanks for posting it.

  13. Thanks for the glimpse of what will be coming back into vogue in a few years! I love that television!!!

  14. Great decor.

    In the reflection in the china cabinet, I could see that bank of floodlights everybody needed with a movie camera in the 50’s and 60’s for anything to show up on 8mm film. I still have my dad’s old rig. Those were the days;-) Glad you posted this.

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