25 thoughts on “astral projection – liquid sun

  1. Astral Proyection and violent visuals nice trip¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡…….. very psychodelik stuff in here¡¡¡¡¡

  2. Thank you for this incredible journey…just came from work…so f***ing wasted and tired but this track brought me to one place where I can find my piece of mind and where I can have real joy of the life…. :)))

  3. What is trance?……….it is a dreamy, psychadelic, hardcore, tripped out learning experience set to incredibily talented melodic music……………….ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! My brain wants to explode!!!……but in a good way. Long live Astral Projection!!!!

  4. Namasté,
    Very nice!
    Come to check my Goa Mix: “Fractal Sensory”

  5. @Lulasz heh just like psycedelic trance wasent invented at all by europeans. I It wasent some native goanian who started pruducing goa trance

  6. in my opinion the visualizations of Winamp Music Player are better then these one…..but the music is just soo perfect

  7. Where did you get this from? Not the song, thats amazing too, but the visualization?

  8. I always love astral projection because they do alot of link to the astronomy (like their band name). I love astronomy, and sounds like some of the band members too

  9. Omg…. I want this….. Can’t think of what else to call it so…. visualization……… I want it…… Did you get it off a site or is it like an actual music vid for this song? (Really good song btw)

  10. One thing I’ve always liked about the world of electronic music and goa: A leaning toward longer tracks. My attention span isn’t short enough to be satisfied with a three minute track.

  11. im very picky about music, and im a sloooooooow exporer of the less-known musical world.

    i just decided to explore goa trance, cus, hell, it was about time 😀 seems like ive found a good one allready :]

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