Essential Tips for Aromatherapy

Don’t buy perfume oils thinking they are the same thing as essential oils. Perfume oils do not offer the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Even if you only intend on using aromatherapy in your lifestyle for the sheer enjoyment of the aroma, essential oils that are breathed in can offer therapeutic benefits. These benefits do not occur with the use of perfume oils.

Be selective of where you purchase your essential oils. The quality of essential oils varies widely from company to company. Additionally, some companies may falsely claim that their oils are undiluted or pure when they aren’t.

Aromatherapy tips when followed properly can overcome both physical pains and mental stresses. It calms the anxious mind and heals all physical body pain. Following are the forbidden things of aromatherapy massage: Do not mistake perfume oils for real aromatherapy oils. Do not buy essential oils with rubber glass dropper tops. Essential oils are very concentrated, which will turn the rubber to gum thus ruining the oil.

In case of pregnancy, never use oils like cypress, basil, jasmine, juniper, arnica and marjoram.

Check the label. Keywords such as “perfume” or “fragrance oil” are a big sign that the oils contained within the bottle are not pure essential aromatherapy oils. Even though the bottle may have the term aromatherapy printed on it, if you see natural identical oil or fragrance oil on the label, then your aromatherapy oil more than likely contains unwanted perfumery chemicals.

Herbs have a variety of effects including antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, sedative or stimulant properties. By being aware of each plant’s properties and used carefully the man can be relieved of various symptoms or illnesses. In general, all essential oils have the ability to strengthen the immune system, and are detoxifying in nature. Essential oils can be used as preventative treatment; most symptoms can be reduced with regular treatment.

The therapeutic effects of rose otto oil is extremely complex. It contains more than 400 known ingredients. It is also one of the most expensive oils today. It originates from Bulgaria, and its production is a very tedious process. About thirty flowers are picked by hand in the mornings, these thirty flowers make one drop of oil. In fact, more than two tons of roses must be distilled to make a single pound of this essential oil.

The ways in which Aromatherapy can be practiced can be separated into five areas of specializations. Although it is impossible to draw hard and fast lines between these various aspects, classifications of this kind are helpful, at least in the short term, for the process of clarification and understanding. These different areas are: simple Aromatherapy for home use; cosmetic Aromatherapy; perfumery and the psycho-therapeutic use of oils for the effects of their odors on the mind; massage using essential oils; and medical and clinical Aromatherapy, where essential oils are used to treat medical complaints.

To prevent any unwanted problems arising from your aromatherapy bath, always make sure you use only essential oils to which you have no sensitivity. If you’re not sure whether you may have sensitivity to particular oil, an aromatherapy bath is not a good time to experiment. In addition, be aware that there are some oils that should always be avoided in an aromatherapy bath. These oils include cinnamon, black pepper, clove, thyme, nutmeg, basil, bay and oregano.

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