NEWS STORY – Chiropractic & Ear infections

News story about how parents frustrated with ineffective antibiotics are turning to chiropractic care to help their children battle chronic ear infections.

15 thoughts on “NEWS STORY – Chiropractic & Ear infections

  1. @zeno2712 proof again that one of the biggest adversaries of chiropractic are it’s own regulatory agencies. apparently there isn’t a chiropractor among them. pathetic.

  2. @gern74 the explanation was admittedly unsophisticated, but what he did solved the problem. you can have your choice. a “sophisticated” rationale as to why you think it is nonsense, or get results.

  3. @gern74 eustachian tube = 1 possible mechanism for chiro to affect ear. 2 of the 4 muscles of the Eust. tube: levator veli palatini + salpingopharyngeus are innerv. by the vagus nerve -> motor/sensory eff/aff pass through the neck. Also root entry CN VIII can be affected by changes in neural canal (it’s been demonstrated on MRI). “Looking in the eardrum” shows you the result of the problem, not the cause. When the car backfires should the mechanic check the tailpipe?

  4. @hfdc

    The recently published Bronfort et al. report, commissioned by the General Chiropractic Council, the statutory regulator in the UK, having looked at all the quality evidence for a range of conditions found no evidence to recommend chiro for otitis media.

  5. @zeno2712
    Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics indicates that there is a strong correlation between chiropractic adjustments and the resolution of ear infections. 332 children with chronic ear infections participated in the study. Each child, ranging in age from 27 days to 5 years, was given a series of chiropractic adjustments. The results show that close to 80% of the children did not experience another ear infection within the six-month period following their initial visits.

  6. @gern74 Yeah, keep giving ’em drugs that have been shown not to work. And to answer your questions…yes, yes, yes…and you should try an attitude adjustment to open up that closed mind of yours.

  7. @gern74 Do you know anything about chiropratic yourself? Ever been adjusted? Maybe you should research chiropractic education and the rigorus licensing standards and National Board exams before attacking something you don’t know anything about.

  8. @gern74 Do YOU have any idea about anatomy and physiology? If you did you could see this as a plausible approach. Regardless, do you suggest MORE of what does not work…antibiotics and tubes? If it was just bacteria, you wouldn’t see kids a 20 Rx per year

  9. No. This is laughable. “Adjusting the spine to open up the ear canals?” Does this person have any knowledge of anatomy and physiology? Does he have any idea what causes ear infections in children? Does he even look in the ear or have any idea/training how to look at the ear and ear drum? By the way, it has NOTHING to do with the ear canal but the eustachian tube. He doesn’t even mention that. This is complete quackery.

  10. Is there any evidence that medicine works for ear infections? The newscaster said conventional medicine doesn’t work, but antibiotics are still given, making things worse.

  11. Is there any evidence that chiropractic care works for ear infections?

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