25 thoughts on “Sylvia | Part 1

  1. @damuse11 My guess is her mental illness was genetic, and he got the unlucky end of the stick.

  2. @wawrzyn2001 her parents were both Americans since they were both born in America. Besides why does it matter?We’re all human

  3. @rkg77 please read comments carefuly: I said she WASN’T Welsh, but American!! my name is Piotr, but if I was born in China I would concider myself as Chinese!

  4. It sure beats the godawful version of The Bell Jar ( or based on The Bell Jar VERY loosely) that I saw recently with a really, really bad actress whose name I forget, and Julie Harris playing her mother. I’m so glad someone else made a movie about her, because that one was the worst thing I ever saw! Although this isn’t much.

  5. @wawrzyn2001 Gwyneth is a Welsh name, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s Welsh.

  6. @ hendrikdevuile: where did you take the information from – the official sources are clearly stating, that her father was Russian and mother Dutch – since when it makes person Welsh???? besides- she was born in US which makes her American indeed!

  7. @892lgy7382

    Slightely depressed…I can see why…but you do want to say to her CHEER UP! But then again, she had a good reason to be down.
    Paltrow does immense as Sylvia Plath – her voice impression is really accurate.

  8. In fact she’s Welsh (like Richard Burton and Anthony Hopkins) and frequently goes back to Wales.

  9. if Paltrow weren’t american I would have said her american accent was phony

  10. AHHHHHH YOU ARE AWESOME thank you so much for uploading this, seriously.

  11. haha agreed!
    xD i’m watching it in the dark so i jumped out of my skin!
    Love it though.

  12. i hope you realize that 9 year olds also throw hissy fits, like you just did, over stupid things like saying sylvia plath died. anyone who watches this movie has most likely figured that out since this IS a true story.

  13. I hear that there’s lot of sex in this movie so it probably got removed by youTube

  14. whoaaaa, the band right after 4:25 srsly scared me 😯
    it was so sudden… –great cinematic move though, i have to say.

  15. On the DVD the exerpt at the begining was about a fig tree dying…..I liked that better

  16. I think you should grow up “hottie”…throwing temper tantrums won’t really make you look “cool” in any situation :/

  17. isn’t it strange how Smith College seems to hush up Plath’s alumna status?

  18. I heard Karen Kukil (“The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath”) give a talk in Northampton, Ma, and she spoke so eloquently about Sylvia. It was a beautiful and understanding discussion about and often mistakened woman.

  19. Anyone who is surprise that Sylvia Plath committed suicide is really too dumb to watch this movie. Seriously. Go away and watch something brainless like Twilight.

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