All Things Wiccan III

This video is specially dedicated to the memory of Sgt Patrick Dana Stewart. If it were not for the sacrifice he and so many others have made for our country, we would not have the freedoms we do today. Thank you, Sgt Stewart, and blessed be.

24 thoughts on “All Things Wiccan III

  1. That quote is precious. thank you. Evokes memories of a dear friend.

  2. Leve that f***ing asshole be, he is suspended anyway.
    I don’t care what this man’s religion was he is a patriot and he desirves some respect at least for that!
    It is sickening to see such disrespectful assholes. He is as much Christian as he is a Man… asshole!!!
    Nobody should disrespect the dead and especially those brave men and women who voluntary gave their lives in service to others.
    God bless them all and God bless USA

  3. We do not worship Satan because satan does not exist. Well in my mind anyhow. The christian bible made up Satan so that we fear and follow society’s rules. The bible is used to control ppl. Anything that is magickal or used to heal is considered evil. Evil: anything that doesn’t do us any good is evil. So therefore what we do is not evil because sometimes we help ppl and that does good.
    Blessed be

  4. ok, you have every right to believe in what you believe. just like i have every right to believe in what I believe. And i have no right to judge your beiefs just like you have no right to judge mine. so i apologize and hope to end this agument. And i am not satanist and will never believe in him. Blessed Be. )O(

  5. well i’m not satanist i respect all living things with nature and i follow the Lord and the Lady. Satan is part of Christan beeifs which i don’t beleive in. Blessed Be Everyone! )O(

  6. Yea, well at least we did’nt go on a genocidal rampage and massacre on whoever that didn’t agree with our beleifs! Unlike you, we want freedom, not biggotry. And we don’t beleive in Satan, Hell or any other fairytale that people like you made up! We worship the Goddess and the God.

  7. wth! i think u have a personal issue regarding ur anger with the military!!!

  8. how dare you to say that to military people. you dont know how they feel when they are on duty and fighting for war. tell me that when u already have experienced it! be human, and use ur nature as being rational being.

    ur mean!and rude! u will get what u deserve!

  9. You, lawyerjudgedestroy, are an asshole. You DO NOT disrespect the dead in such a manner.

    You will get what you gave threefold. and dont forget that. Also Dont bother replying to my post, I have no energy to waste on cruel souls such as yours so you wont get another response.

  10. And let me tell you something sles punk: your dad didnt do shit for my freedom! I have my freedom because i uncovered the f***ing lie you live punk!!


    your “dad” was a paid assassin for demons. you are a willfully deceived trick of satan,

  12. How dare you… my father died of a PAINLESS heart attack and you dare smear blood on him?! My father was in the Airforce Reserves and he has never killed anyone! And like all other revered military servicemen, he has died for YOUR freedom! YOUR freedom!

  13. I have a question: how did you get so full of shit? f*** this country and the shit hole murdering social security card packing cowards upon it.
    you shouldnt mix the people life with wiccan clown shit

  14. good. I hope he suffered like the people he accepted money to kill

  15. *sniff* My dad passed away last June while on military active duty. He has lived and died as a Wiccan Pagan and I’ll never forget the love and wisdom he has shared with my mom and my family. Blessed be, everyone.

  16. Merry Met Turtle, I thank you for this series, it is wonderful.
    “May the wolves always run at your side and Dragons guard your dreams as treasure”

  17. I was wondering if this was a published song or is it recorded from a ritual?
    )0(Blessed be)0(

  18. Good job, I loved the song too. And blessed be that Armyman who perished. May his spirit live on. Very nice dedication.

    )0( Blessed be )0(

  19. thank you. i’m glad you enjoyed it!! also, if you ever have any questions of an old high priest, feel free to ask.

    )O(blessed be)O(

  20. Turtle I really like this vid. I have always been interested in the Wiccan Lifestyle. I have some friends who are Wiccan and we have great conversations!

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