FRIENDS Elton John and Bernie Taupin

I was inspired to make this because of all the great folks I have met through YouTube…the genuine care and concern for one another has brought me more smiles than words can say…I am trying to express those thoughts and feelings through the magic of movie maker. I was inspired by ~PUPPETvocals~ when Ruby, ~jcstgir08~ little dog passed away, and, I saw how much joy someone could bring to others..and, I see that alot here on YouTube. And, I realize more and more the true connection of our hearts. The images and this song have alot of meaning to me. My daughter, Sarah and her coworkers and friends from The Farm, my daughter, Charisse’s family and friends, Granny Elva Walling, Anice and family, a rabbit for Deb, a dog for Pam, a kitten for Beto, my old Maxfield Parrish poster, “Contentment” that hung in my house for years, love for country roads, the old Jesus print that hung in our house as a child, and so many memories. The Norman Rockwell print is one of my favorites representing the emotions we all go through learning who we really are, and the girl on the tightrope still seeking balance…Of course, the prison bars represent my brother being held for Life for low level drug offenses..I know there is a better way. Please pray for the thousands being held. For such a brief film…this took hours in my beginner stages of creativity in the movie maker world. I have had this ole classic Elton John and Bernie Taupin “friends” in my vinyl collection since the 70’s, and, it

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  1. Harry, thank you So much…It means aLoT to me that you took time to watch and listen to this…knowing that I have truly been blessed with a new reaL friend in you..thank you so much for calling me your friend..that is what this is all about for me…now, if I can find time to be the kind of friend I want to be..I appreciate you so much for caring..((SuperHug)) 😉

  2. this is so beautiful…you have made a grown man cry..and i thank you for this…you are my friend and i will be the same for you..thanks for a most wonderful post Sherry…


  3. well simply thank you very much…I appreciate your time watching and listening…the name of that movie..early 70’s was “friends”..I can barely remember what is was about..but, remember it touched my heart big time..Think I will look for it on here..I have always loved this, too..God bless you.

  4. Simply, thanks…I remember this song from a movie, can’t remember the name of the movie, but I’ve always loved this song.

  5. That’s “Come Down in Time” from the album “Tumbleweed Connection.” What a phenomenal body of work has come from Sir Elton. Hats off!

  6. Hi sherrylynn 70!! Great video!! and wonderful song!! also, what is the name of song playing at the end?

  7. I still have this 45 rpm single in vinil, and the song
    is ones mine favourite.

  8. This song is as important(vital) as life itself! The greatest treasures that you will ever discover and own (possess) are friends who help you endure through the good times and bad times and love you for who you are in the inside and never let you go (remain by your side) no matter what happens!!!!

  9. My favorite Elton song. 1971..year I graduated. It seems to me a crime that we should age….how true. 🙂

  10. thanks again for sharing this lovely work Sherry… and thinking of your friends… beautiful song by Elton John too.. and see amongst the names at the end is your dear brother Michael and the many others who are being held.. much love, hugs

  11. Christine, I truly meant for this to be a universal message and thank you for mentioning that..I love this ole tune..from the movie “friends” way back when..I just had to send this to you..for you are truly one of those “friends” and a very special one at that..♥

  12. Hi Sean…so glad to see you here..I have got some major catching up to do..but, looking forward to catching up with you..You are special..keep shining that light of producer friend..♥

  13. Thank you so so much, Dan…I love this ole tune..from the movie “friends” way back when..glad you got to hear it…((hug))

  14. Also 5 and 5 and in my favorites! I can see the LUV you put into making this! It’s showing!!!!

  15. yes sherry great song wow 5 stars and fav chers sean dolan in ireland

  16. Sherry, this is really wonderful.. Thank-you so much for sharing all these people and moments in your life.. with people you have come to know here..

    Its nice that you were inspired and it brought you to pull out that old vinyl.. and this is what came from it… a beautiful video for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for the universal message you deliver here <3 warm regards to you...

  17. ♥sharing love rawks♥
    … include yourself in:
    “great folks who care and bring smiles”

  18. Thank you so much for watching..and, yes friends are found on every road..thanks for your time…

  19. SuZe Q..I just sat down and found your very sweeT comment..I neeDed that glad you were here…did you see your name at the end? huh huh…;-) You have been a good friend since I arrive one year ago this week..I saw an little ipod headset today and saw the shuffle thingy..and, thought of you lol…I want one of those..Hugs and SmiLes ♥

  20. Soooooooooo VERY Beautiful Sherry!!
    Lovely images…big 5 * Sweetie!! xo 🙂

  21. that means aLoT to me…you are so responsible for helping me at a time when God knew I needed some guidance..this expression perfectly expresses the friend I found in you..and, I finally got around to responding to these cooL comments because you brought me here thanks..I need all the help I can get these days..I think you started this whole creative whirlwinD..wheW!! 😉 friend♥

  22. I appreciate so much your time watching and commenting…this is eXactly where my joy comes from..that someone liKed it..ThanKs biG tiMe..sherry

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