How does the Western zodiac intersect with Chinese astrology?

I’m curious if anyone out there is a bit of an expert on both Western and Chinese zodiac signs; how do they interact when trying to read a horoscope?

Bonus: I have a friend who is a Taurus and a Dragon, two signs which are roughly equivalent… so what are the implications of such a “double shot”?

3 thoughts on “How does the Western zodiac intersect with Chinese astrology?

  1. girl, it’s called trade or something. you know we buy them cheap japantys goods, and we send them some of them ipods or whateva.

  2. chinese is animal based
    like animals

    western on human animals based
    about animals

    we r descendants of apes

    they say therefore

  3. It’s a bit like the difference between Western Medicine and Eastern. Micro and Macro.

    Chinese astrology is societal based, what is the impact of the individual on society and how to be a better citizen, member of the group.

    Western astrology is ALL about the individual and the journey to become your authentic self.

    They are both useful for different aspects of your life.

    Am I an expert? No. But I study Western Astrology and am a very intuitive Pisces born in the year of the Dog, so I draw large conclusions. 🙂


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