How to Make Aromatherapy ‘Sweets”

Aromatherapy ‘sweets’ are fun and easy to make. And not only do they look sweet, they smell great too. (Do I have to mention they are NOT edible?)

12 thoughts on “How to Make Aromatherapy ‘Sweets”

  1. One of the worst ideas I have ever seen… more trailer trash from the over consumed American bored house wife…..LMAO

  2. I agree with the potential hazard that seems to outweigh any use- who wants inedible sweets?

  3. hahha wowyou must have a smelling bum . or you just dont wash your underwear

  4. i think this is a not real well thought out project. Only in that you should not make things look like candy if they are not edible or made in some ridiculous size that some unknowing person would not be able to put it in their mouth …. like a child. Yes it’s cute but I think it’s one of those that you should steer clear of. I love CURBLY, just not this one.

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