How to Master Astral Projection: Help to Project the Astral Body

You can obtain astral projection help with the support of hypnosis. Projections are possible, as are transmissions through HDTV, Trium cell phones and other conveyances. Your astro-physical project can be completed with your mind as a projector and guide.

Meditation Self Help

Part of the process of meditation relies on your ability to become one with your surroundings. The notion of out-of-body experiences is nothing new. In fact, this phenomenon has been recorded for centuries. You can find element of this in Chakra meditation and the state of nirvana.

The fascinating aspect of astral projection is the oneness you feel with your outer surroundings. Some might assert that this is a heightened understanding of existence, as evidenced by great philosophical theories that have existed for centuries. Out of body experiences may assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of the world.


Perception is a cornerstone of this state. You reach a greater awareness of yourself as an energy force when you undergo the meditative transformation that moves your perception away from your inner space. Many seek inner enlightenment through deep hypnosis and meditation. Ironically, many find a deeper connection with their surroundings in the process.

Your perception is a very interesting aspect of your experience. When you master astral projection, you are able to overcome the illusion of self as you become fully immersed in your surroundings. This is the ultimate goal of reaching nirvana and working with the energy of your Chakras.

Astral Projection Help

The only limitations you have are the ones you choose to create. You can enter a realm of higher imagination and transcendence when you delve into the reaches of your subconscious mind. There, you find that your perception of yourself as a separate entity is an illusion and that you are able to interact with time and space.

Overcoming your perceived limitations is the ultimate goal of this form of meditation. You have hypnosis as a powerful guide to move you through your transformation. Projecting yourself into the world is a magnificent experience that offers insight into the nature of time and the other dimensions that surround you.

This process gives you insight into the past, present and future. These elements of time are illusions as well when you reach the point where you are completely submerged in trance. You become aware of future happenings and you are able to revisit the past in one fell swoop.

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