Massage Instruction – Foot Reflexology/Foot Massage This massage video by massageclips shows massage therapy for foot reflexology – foot massage. Our massage therapist is one of the best around. http

25 thoughts on “Massage Instruction – Foot Reflexology/Foot Massage

  1. You would think they could have found a better looking set of dogs than these bunyon infested walkers.

  2. I hate looking at feet but I’ve seen all her other videos and love her voice so I caved and watched this one just to hear her relaxing voice.

  3. @TheAmericanBeauty91

    I relaxed around the time she said “i’ll start with this” zzzzzzzz

  4. They should have put a model with cute feet, seeing that girl with that hammer toe is terrible and unpleasant.

  5. Good video, she knows when talk and when not too.

    Her voice is amazing.

  6. i feel lightheaded by watching it 🙂
    a slight tingeling in de head

  7. @NorwegianGamer89 nope i do completely and have been for the past 6 months lol plus her massaging makes it better

  8. @Keywan999 Am I the only one that gets sleepy by her voice?

  9. @hasansal11 Why down for the dudes? Men should know how to give a proper massage for their ladies.

  10. @hasansal11 I want one so bad i have been watching so many videos lol I might just book in for one actually

  11. i wonder whos watching these videos , isit guys who want to learn how to give a foot massage or girls who are dying for a foot massage 😀

    thumb up if ur a girl , or down if ur a DUDEEE ! 🙂

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