Wake up and find out who you are

Alan Watts lectures on the conflict between established religion and the radical statements Jesus made about Divine nature. Where you fall on the issue depends on how you answer this: Is the Kingdom of God a monarchy or a democracy? Artwork from Georgia O’Keeffe, Maxfield Parrish, and Pink Floyd.

25 thoughts on “Wake up and find out who you are

  1. god is the love you feel, the posituve vibes your brainwashed into thinking he is some man, but it is all more and even more inter connected with everything that gos on in the uniververse

    trips me the f*** out sometimes

  2. Go outside and look at the sun when you say this.

    God loves all who love him.

  3. jesus was obviously mentally insane, an obviously being the time it was ppl were too gullible. this is bullshit

  4. everything in the universe is energy. God is simply positive energy or love! evil, Satan, killing another human being, hate etc = negative energy, wat elite believe. Jesus, even if just a story, lived love – put forth positive energy – which is why he was God in the flesh! The story should b remembered 4 all of us 2 put forth positive energy the way Jesus taught us. Constantine & the roman empire -the elite -all infiltrated / created religions, the bible & Quran. PAGAN.

    truthknowledge. Com

  5. In my opinion it really doesn’t matter, if Jesus as a person lived o not.
    The important thing is, that the energy, that He represents, is living in us today.
    If He was only a person, then He is dead, but if He is a living spiritual energy – I am the Way, the Truth and Life – then He may live within each of us

  6. @wowdanalise

    think there are even more sources that tell about jesus christ..
    it’s proven that he lived. 😉

  7. I am not certain that Jesus Christ was in fact an actual person. I am not sure that he was not either. Does anyone know if there are actual records Out side of the bible that show the existence of the man? I have even heard the Name Jeshua wouldn’t convert to Jesus but rather to Joshua. so was Jesus name actually Joshua then? I have also read that the name Joshua is by definition the same as John. whether he existed or was allegory ,maybe it is the philosophy that matters most.

  8. I’ve always thought this, but I thought I was stupid for thinking it. Why can’t I just write what I think, without having to have a source for all my opinions?

  9. @ToOnDancEr12 Whether you realize it or not, what you said is probably the most profound philosophical statement I’ve ever read. In fact, your statement embodies what Alan Watts, and Zen, teaches. Stop thinking and just do it. You are smarter than any stuffy old philosopher with his head in the clouds.

  10. interesting youtube would not post my original response to this video guess you’ll have to find out for yourselfs wakey wakey

  11. Independent sources (islamic writers etc , eastern righters in general) wrote about Jesus . They wrote about a teacher who lead people in to living their lives rightfully . Read up on it . Bible is nothing more than a guide .

  12. I was under the impression that the only proof there ever was a Jesus Christ existed was through the bible, but the bible isnt fact

  13. every1 here is f***n retarded ya’ll think about shit 2 much and never actually live cuz ur 2 f***n busy tryn 2 figure out what that means instead of doing it..

  14. Not you, not myself, nor anybody still living knows that as fiction or fact as a definite.

  15. NO. For a fact jsus did exist. NOW w/e he was son of God or if he was able to do magic , we do not know . BUT the fact that such man existed is A FACT

  16. read it again, all the prophecies, that point to end of times, is not the end of man, they all point to the beginings of peace, or heaven, or whatever, its a time of awakening..

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