Chiropractic Realignment

The Doctors Visit with Dr. Patrick Kerr who Performs a New Painless Procedure Designed to Realign a Patients Atlas Bone in her Neck. To Learn More Visit

10 thoughts on “Chiropractic Realignment

  1. Are these really real MD’s on this show?

    A real knowlegable MD wouldn’t want anything to do with quacks/sharlatans like chiropractors…

  2. @ConradZaar lol you don’t need the crack to move the joint, but yes I love it too! This doctor should know that when you do a manip you aren’t cracking bones as he says.. you’re just releasing the joint so that it can move better.

  3. oh hell yea…when i go to the chiropractor he knows damn well that I want everything cracked, crunched, and decompressed…he starts with my back, then shoulders, neck, hips, the “hug yourself crack”, then feet, ankles, knees, hips again, elbows, and hands…i love it…everything is so aligned and decompressed i feel 2 feet taller…but the truth is i’m able to stand up straight…cracking…….soooo goood!

  4. Your Right i wnt to become a chirpractor because i’m addicted to snapping bones

  5. What’s the point of chiropractic treatment that doesn’t make a big, fat, satisfying crack? If I don’t get some nice crunching, I ask for my money back. The noise is the best part.

  6. No, your atlas can be displaced without you realizing it. It is the only vertebrae that is not connected to other vertebrae–which is why we can turn our head the way we do. I played tackle football for eight years, did karate, and my atlas was displaced by 5 degrees. It took three times with the machine on my first visit to put it back to neurological zero, or orthogonal (90 degree right angles). I instantly felt warmness (blood flowing correctly) and the next day, I was much better.

  7. to straight the that just for those who have problems/pain? is it posible to have problems whit atlas without knowing/feeling it?

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