How Holistic Medicine Can Help You

Imagine having a personalised approach to your healthcare, where as a patient and you are both educated and empowered with information regarding your general health. This is the philosophy Holistic Medicine follows, bringing together the best of medical as well as holistic perspectives to better health with a special emphasis on prevention.

Holistic Healthcare assesses a person as a whole, with many different perspectives to capture all levels of influence including mechanical, biochemical and emotional. Even though the Holistic Doctor creates and tracks progress during each session, it is a practice that requires considerable involvement and motivation of the patient as well.

Throughout the journey to Holistic healing and wellbeing, it is imperative that the underlying problems are identified after peeling off layers of priority of each treatment. The practitioner will assist you in reaching a point of self- maintenance as you, the patient, experience greater awareness and improved health.

There are several co-existing factors that could contribute towards a disease. Some of these factors are:

•        The Water you Drink and the Food you Consume- This is a key element to maintaining good health and your Holistic GP can provide valuable information on food intolerances and healthier options as part of your consultation.

•        Your General Lifestyle- A bad lifestyle combined with a non-nutritional diet is one of the main causes of recurring and chronic health problems.

•        Imbalance in nutrients- This could lead to bottlenecks and blockages that occur in the metabolic pathway of oestrogen breakdown.

•        Hormonal Imbalances- Hormonal Imbalances can have an adverse affect on your health and in some cases could lead to female infertility.

•        Imbalances in Energy- Imbalances are energetic vibrations that are not in harmony with our natural state of well-being. Each imbalance has a frequency that can be brought into balance and neutralized by applying a balancing energy.

•        Toxic Pathogens- These are counteractive to good health but can be flushed out and removed by the kidneys and liver.

•        Toxic Metals- Metals such as Mercury, which is widely used as tooth fillings, is commonly found to be at the root of many persistent symptoms compromising important nutrients & organ function.

•        Addictions- Common addictions such as alcohol, smoking, caffeine, sugar, bread and carbohydrates contribute to a multitude of organ dysfunction and stress.

•        Unresolved Emotional Issues- Emotional stress as well as unconscious, repressed emotions can cause a number of health problems.

The road to recovery through Holistic Medicine is a step-by-step approach that cannot be rushed. Each of the steps below requires time for a certain amount of healing to take place whilst the toxic load is reduced and organs are repaired.

•        Step One- Involves an overall health assessment of a person from the medical perspective through routine tests such as blood tests, X-Rays, ultra sound scans, saliva and urine tests and investigations.

•        Step Two- Involves measuring the toxic load, most stressed organ, gut integrity, food intolerances and starts with the process of drainage to eliminate cellular toxic wastes, repair and heal an inflamed gut and support the liver.

•        Step Three- includes looking at specific nutrient deficiencies, checking the brain chemistry, energy, hormone and liver pathways, ensuring that they are working optimally; as well as testing for & clearing any pathogenic over proliferation ( fungus, virus, bacteria, parasite).

The Wholistic approach is all encompassing. Patient individuality the prime concern – what helps one person may not suit another with the same condition.

Dr.Shamim Daya is a Holistic GP in London. She completed medical training at Southampton University in 1985, followed by a further 6 years of postgraduate training in General Practice.

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