25 thoughts on “Patrick McCollum Interview About Wiccan Discrimination

  1. Three basic rules of religion. 1: Hope; 2: Discipline; 3: Involvement. Hope means that you have something to look up to. That you know that once you die, you will go to whatever afterlife awaits you. Discipline means that there are rules you must follow and if you break them, then there are consequences. Finally involvement, this means that you have a group of people that you trust and care about. If a belief system has these 3 rules, then it is a religion. Wicca does fall within these rules.

  2. @daltonzgang That’s funny considering he was initiated into the Cauldron of Cerridwyn in 1966, so he would’ve had to ‘start this Wiccan nonsense’ as you seem to say when he was 16 because he was born in 1950. I’m sure you would know that since you’re his first wife as you seem to claim.

  3. WRONG, while Wicca is over 50+ years old..Pagen is not…it’s been around BEFORE christ and before christains ever took up the bible itself!..so therfor…Wicca/Pagen…all the same..just new with old…that’s all it is…i’m Proud to be Wiccan!

  4. Wicca isn’t nonscense, it’s a real religion recognized and practiced by hundreds and thousands of US people alone, how would you feel if someone called your religion nonsense, it would hurt.

  5. I was his first wife of 15 years and I remember life very differently.

  6. I was his his first wife — he didn’t start this Wiccan nonsense until he was in his 30’s.

  7. RE: “Why should we have to hide, other faiths don’t.”

    That REALLY DEPENDS upon where you are and what religion is in question here.

    There are Christians who have been very severely persecuted in countries outside of the US and Britain. They would know about persecution. And some of them choose to be very quiet about their faith, and some choose to be open about it and risk martyrdom for it.

  8. Ruenig: no one can afford to lose sight of the past, and where one has come from. Otherwise, those who do are doomed to repeat an awful lot of completely avoidable mistakes.

  9. Research todays wicca.
    Research the past of any religion and you’ll find a grubby history.
    The importance is what we make it, today!

  10. Horsesflu: at first I agreed with you, but then I noticed a problem with your argument.

    You define “pagan” in entirely too narrow a way.

    “Pagan” refers, in our modern times, to anyone who isn’t Jewish, Christian, or Muslim. Period. That’s as far as it goes. Most religion scholars in any university would agree with this definition. This is how the word is used in our time.

    So yes, technically Wicca is pagan, because it isn’t Christianity, Judaism or Islam. Buddhists are also pagans, etc.

  11. i’m just be brief and to the point. No matter what name you call the divine we are all children of the divine. It doesn’t matter what religion you practice, so long as you find your inner divinity and spiritual needs. Wicca may be “watered down” as i’ve seen in these comments (i don’t think this personally) but the point is, it is still classified as a religion (army was the first to ackn.) and the people of the religion should be given equal rights just as any other religion. Lady SilverVixen

  12. just becuase my life has just started doens’t mean that i havn’t done alot but no the things I didwer’t in the name of god but the guidelines of christianity were to harsh and strict for me and so i wanted to rebel and I did for a while there but like I said then I learned about wicca and thought it was cool (not the magic part)

  13. samri29,
    Those horrible things you claim to have done, unless they were done in the name of the Lord, they were done by you and you alone – not because of your particular faith at the time (a faith steeped in thousands of years and created by “Jesus” vs a pseudo-faith maybe 50 years old, made by a friend of Crowley).
    Maybe Wicca helped you recover, but I doubt it’s the sole reason…
    Also, dont forget youre only 15… you speak like though youve lived a full life, but it has only just started.

  14. how can you say that i used to be christian and i used to do horrable things to people and when i converted it compleatly changed my life and im only 15 so say what you want call it a trend call it whatever but i was about to go to jail and now im completely different i dont get in trouble or fight or anything of that sort

  15. not trying to be rude but anyone could say the same thing about christianity or any other relegion

  16. N8ivebaby16, to answer your question, “Why trash wiccans?”
    Because they pale in comparison to legitmate, oldworld nature-based pagans; which include Native Americans…

    The founder of wicca had strong ties to the Rosicrucians, who are Masonic, and Crowley’s (“the wickedest man”) OTO. If you think any of those groups are made up of decent, peaceloving types, youd be mistaken.

    I’ve commented more than enough times on this particular video. Research wicca yourself to better understand it origins

  17. y do they have to be misguided? what if following the ways of a wiccan is exactly what they need? iv found that it is a way to live and accept all life more of a peacefull existance.the ppl that believe in it, for them its as real as god is for ppl that believe in him. im not tryin to change how u think but u were basically trashing ppls lives.

  18. I’ve known wiccans for most of my life and 100% of the time they are misguided people searching for deeper meaning but falling prey to the greatly wateredly down – false – branch of paganism that is Wicca.

    And for the record, N8ivebaby16, I have read “wiccan books” before. That, and knowledge of Wiccas founding, are reasons why I find it to be a false form of paganism; a thin amalgamation of surface traditions designed to sell a false sense empowerment to the powerless.

  19. try reading a wiccan book or actually speaking to a wiccan before u trash talk it

  20. i agree with this, some wicca or wiccans are not evil. they only practice white magics that are a form of healing.

  21. 4194470448:
    WTF? You’re such a hypocrite, chastising me for ragging on Wicca, while preaching “tolerance,” but you go off on Christianity at length in numerous of your own videos.

    And you’re also a sleazeball liar. You JUST told me “im not wiccan…” but within the first lines of your profile you clearly state:

    “I am a devoute wiccan and yes i do study and practice withcraft”

    Your ties to Wicca DOES NOT HELP its image, and you only serve to strenghen my negative perception of Wiccans

  22. im not wiccan, but you dont know what your talking about, buddy. for one the guy on this video isnt a highschooler, he is probably in his mid 50s early 60s.two you have NO right to attack people for there beliefs and there religion. You my friend are wrong, who are you to say someones beliefs are wrong? do us all favor and shut the f*** up.

  23. 4194470448:
    I support freedom of religion, but Wicca isn’t a valid religion, so I don’t support it – it’s a sham, akin to Scientology, which is a business.

    I support paganism, but Wicca is too far removed, too watered down, too marketed to be given the same blesings as true Paganism.
    If your religion can be bought at premium from most Bookstores’ “occult” section, it is not a religion – it’s a fashion trend for highschoolers.

    Wiccans are powerless phonies and spiritual suckers.

  24. if you dont support freedom of religion and agree with hurting other people because they are different than you can burn in your own hell!

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