Understanding Personal Numerology : Change & the Number 5 in Numerology

The number 5 in numerology is for change, learn more about the number five and numerology in thisfree video. Expert: Carmen Lynne Bio: Carmen Lynne, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, has been in private practice since January 2007 assisting clients in achieving their personal goals in such areas as habit modification, stress reducti Filmmaker: Louis Nathan

6 thoughts on “Understanding Personal Numerology : Change & the Number 5 in Numerology

  1. is this reading on ur birthday or name…cuzz my birth number is 5…n my name expression is 9 soul urge is 9 n my inner dream is 9…

  2. the negative side of 5 is drama, and I can’t to anything without drama finding me. I’m minding my own business eating next to this girl, and her jealous ass black boyfriend approaches me and threatens to kill me not knowing that I don’t even know his girl, or some hippie has to walk over to where I am to let go a vegan stink ass fart, to people accussing you of all kinds of stuff for no reason, the bright side of 5, freedom, fun, and adventure makes it all worth it once you learn to let go.

  3. I’m the coolest guy then because my Life Path is 3 and my expression/destiney is 5.

  4. 3’s and 5’s are the coolest.

    1’s and 4’s are bossy and need to push their contol factor on someone else!

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