What are your thoughts of Sylvia Plath’s poetry?

To me, I think that her poetry is excellent. Her poetry is so articulately expressed to me, with great and effective use of literary elements. Plus, it seems to me that her vivid imagery she used in her poetry gave her a little view of her life, in which she expressed with an abundance of emotion. But it’s quite unfourtunate that due to the chaos in her life, it drove her to suicide.

So are you a fan of Sylvia Plath’s poetry? If yes, what stands out to you in her poetry? If you’re not, what do you dislike about it?

5 thoughts on “What are your thoughts of Sylvia Plath’s poetry?

  1. I am a fan, but not so much of her poetry but of her life. She had a very emotional life from which to draw for her poetry. She was a manic-depressive among other mental disorders she may have had. My favorite of hers is “The Bell Jar” a semi- self bio.

  2. I have never been a fan of her poetry. I found most of it to be self-centered and uninspired. In the same sort of self-confessional poetry, I prefer Anne Sexton.

  3. The sad truth is she was not nearly as good as Ted Hughes. There, I said it.

  4. I’m a fan. I read some of her poems in my English textbook which led me to read The Bell Jar,and I think the way she writes is really interesting. She conveys a lot of emotion without being verbose. Many of her poems can also be interpreted in different ways, so that makes them kind of relatable. You can make them relate to your life.

  5. I actually like her poetry (which is a bit..ironic? I hate her novels).

    I find a lot of her poetry to be really honest and bare (the poem I think of when I think of that is “daddy,” a very powerful expression of emotion).

    It is also creative in a quite, “feminine” way (I’m not quite sure how to describe that).

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