What does a Wiccan need to do to leave Wicca?

My friend Tara is in an abusive home and surrounded by druggie friends her self esteem is so low its hard to get anything through to her but she says Im helping and when I said well I’ll come pick you up she replied she has some things to take care of. Well these things she said are wiccan and didnt explain any further. Are there any rituals or something she needs to do to leave what would she need to take care of purtaining to Wicca?

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  1. just walk away.

    Anything else needing done is by her own beliefs/fears. Only she can decide.

    If it’s that threatening to walk away, it’s not Wicca that is the problem.

    How does an abusive home have to do with Wicca?

  2. Wicca has nothing to do with abuse, or drugs, and the primary rule of Wicca is “And if it harms none do as thy wilt.” So perhaps you Misunderstood her, at least I would hope so.

  3. Wicca is a religion. A true Wiccan would abide the Wiccan Rede (An it harm none, do as ye wilt. –If it doesn’t harm anyone, including yourself, do what you want–) So if she is a true Wiccan, you wouldn’t really have anything to worry about. She might be doing a ritual, casting a circle, praying, casting a spell, mediating, path-working. The list is long.

    Are there any rituals or something she needs to do to leave?
    If you are referring to her leaving the abusive home, she could be lighting a candle for strength, casting a spell for courage, praying to the Lady and the Lord for help to continue on.
    If you are referring to her leaving her religion…then all she has to do is nothing. Wicca is an independent religion for the most part and if she belongs to a coven, she can leave at any time. No true Wiccan would force her to stay.

    What would she need to take care of pertaining to Wicca?
    Again…the list is long. I suggest reading some sites or books.
    Here is a site to learn the basics for a unbiased point of view: http://www.religioustolerance.org/witchcra.htm

  4. Tara needs to believe in Jesus Christ, Gods only begotten son, and has to ask Jesus into her heart. But honestly. She needs to pray to YHWH. He will take care of her and holds bad and evil powers off her.

    The next time some people do rituals or something like that she just needs to pray to Jesus Christ to keep other powers away and save her and the others can’t do anything – I experienced that personally a few times with people doing tarot, card spells, necromancy … it never worked when I was there and prayed to Jesus Christ with all my heart.

  5. Why does she have to leave her religion? Did you say you wouldn’t help unless she converted or something?

  6. She could be doing a protection spell, or gathering all her tools to bring with her. It is a private and personal path she follows so she may not feel comfortable talking to others about it, especially if those she lives with know and use it against her. Be patient, she may tell you in time.
    Blessed Be.

  7. this has nothing to do with wicca, this has to dowith abuse in the home, adn for that, social workers are needed
    and or help and or self will power to leave

  8. Is she leaving Wicca, or is she leaving an abusive situation?

    Maybe she just needed to grab her sacred items to be able to leave?

    I know I wouldn’t want to leave them for some druggie to find!

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