Cake Decorating – How to make Flower Fairies – Part 1 of 2

This video extract is from the Patchwork Cutters DVD. This chapter shows you how to make Flower Fairies to decorate your cakes. Visit our Your Tube Channel for further information and to watch Part 2. All of the Patchwork Cutters products, including the full length DVD’s are available from our website

11 thoughts on “Cake Decorating – How to make Flower Fairies – Part 1 of 2

  1. I love this Idea…. they are sooo cute…. can you please tell me were to buy those cuters you used… fabulous job your a true pro

  2. They are quick compared to the elegant standing fairies, but, I suppose as with everything, the more you make the quicker they become.

  3. great instruction but it’s not “quick”, at least for me it’s not! 😉

  4. The head mould is the baby head mould made by Sugar City or Jem, you can purchase this direct from Patchwork Cutters tel 01516785053 or in the US from Global Sugarart.

  5. Can you please tell me what the head mould would be called her in the US. Is it the baby mould or is it a fairy mould. Is it made by Holly Products? Thank you.

  6. I went to Pachwork Cutters and put in that number and it didn’t show up. What is the name of this mould. Is it a fairy mould or baby face mold.

  7. The face mould can be purchased from Patchwork Cutters 01516785053.£7.50 plus postage.

  8. Amazing they look great and looks easy great explained it so well

  9. I have the book PATCHWORK CUTTERS BOOK 9 BY MARION FROST which details how to make these fairies – but seeing them made here makes it so much easier to understand. Many thanks for sharing this video.

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