2 thoughts on “Is being empathic,thoughtful and helpful something you are born with or something you have to learn by doing?

  1. Find a group you are naturally drawn to. Kids, elderly, dogs, teenagers, poor, misfits, hospital patients, teachers, cops, etc. Spend time being helpful and thoughtful to them. It may spread to other parts of life. But don’t push yourself (or if you’re trying to teach someone else, don’t push them or they’ll resent you)
    Good luck!

  2. Empathy, thoughtfulness, and helpfulness are values that you learn. You learn them before you ever realize you’re learning them. When you are a child, you usually are not empathetic, thoughtful, nor helpful consciously – it’s just a learned behavior.

    Now that you are old enough to consciously choose to be these things, you can identify and evaluate when situations require these emotions and actions. Opportunities to be helpful and thoughtful arise in every interaction – start out by being polite and trying to make others feel as comfortable and as happy as you hope they would make you feel.

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