So Many People Today Getting Into Yoga!

Why are so many people today getting into Yoga!  Regular Yoga practice rewards you with greater health, vitality and balance.  In the east Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and India itself is the birthplace of most forms of common Yoga, and in most Asian countries which have their own form of yoga known under various names.  Yoga concentrates on creating harmony between the mind and body.  The basis of under which the practice of yoga was established was to attain physical, mental and spiritual strength for the body.  According to medical scientists, yoga therapy is successful because of the balance created in the nervous and endocrine systems which directly influences all the other systems and organs of the body. The relaxation and exercise components of yoga have a major role to play in the treatment and prevention of high blood pressure.  Yoga is believed to reduce pain by helping the brain’s pain center regulate the gate-controlling mechanism located in the spinal cord and the secretion of natural painkillers in the body.  Regular yoga practice can help in weight management.


Benefits of Yoga:-

Brings down stress and enhances powers of relaxation

Boosts physical strength, stamina and flexibility

Gives greater powers of concentration and self control

Helps in rehabilitation of old and new injuries

Intensifies tolerance to pain and enhancing mental clarity

Boosts functioning of the immune system

Enhances posture and muscle tone

Improves blood circulation

Results in healthy, glowing skin

Cleanses and improves overall organ functioning

Bestows peace of mind and a more positive outlook to life

Infuses a sense of balance and internal harmony

Energy level increases

Concentration improves

Low risk of injuring muscles and ligaments

Balance improves

Integrated functioning of body parts improves

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