25 thoughts on “Sylvia Plath reads “The Stones”

  1. oooh, I like that!
    yes it is, I joined them (being by nature pallid, they didn’t notice the intrusion) I whirled & whirled, until I fell off that edge- irma brought me to my senses again with milky coffee & ginger snaps

  2. Is it on the edge of town, with pallid couples whirling round and round?

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    please be kind to Irma. She really is a charming soul,
    and if you’re nice to her, I’m sure she’ll invite you around for milky coffee and ginger snaps.
    (they’re exceedingly good too)

  4. this is a sunday night where one is scorned
    dus find yourself wrapped up in mourn
    and in that morn chorus breaks
    a sick man is fed well with tremors and quakes

  5. Half-a-dozen insertions pervert a tunnel for clones.
    My couplings judder. There is f*** all to f***.
    I shall touch sensuous as maiden.

  6. Lust is the gristle and gut of my gremlin.
    The Methuselah, cloned, beds
    The fishy bathing belle.

  7. To fence their knobs for tentacles.
    Freaked out eunuchs dry up vaginas for genetically modifieds.
    F*** all is the clothing of my lubricated matron.

  8. My swaddled breasts and dickey fart rice pudding as it were elbow grease.
    Here they can amputate bottoms, or any organ.
    On Fridays the despicable identical twins come

  9. christ all f***ing mighty as this poem abso makes me fee;,to be dragged down yes me
    look a ding bat she doesnt care ; the time will smell anon I’ll look after you there

  10. A fagfather minces by humping a blushing Dalek.
    The glory holes are flushed of sexual activities.
    This is the brothel of bald injured husbands.

  11. Gräfenberg-spotting the fist, erecting the pleasurable truncheons.
    A bloodstream bursts the jugular veins
    Oscillation upon oscillation. Pussypipette screws my slits.

  12. Shit soothes the tool nozzle,
    And Aurora sexually abuses the body beautifuls Weltschmerz on the electric fence.
    The copulators are full of beans,

  13. This is the anal-soreness: I knock into the unchaste.
    A travellers diarrhoea untampons the glory hole
    Of the knob, impotent penetrator.

  14. The offal catheters get a half-nelson on me. Neanderthal men fondle my lichens telescopic.
    The spunkseaman tugs his tool to give the once-over
    Unplug unisex boomerang anus.

  15. The vagina-prick gobbing their ecosystems.
    Tosspot as a hippopotamus
    I squish at the squash of gaucherie.

  16. In a sperm of retards.
    The Britishers of the brothel bugged the body beautiful.
    They frolicked the boomerangs, shtum and extraterrestrial,

  17. The bottom-boomerangs flaccid, jerked by peccadillo,
    Only the vagina-prick mouth organed al fresco,
    Balls-aching pingpong

  18. The hussy of choppers castrated me.
    I became a stiff corset.
    The bazookas of the arsehole were pink,

  19. Shat a brick fetid like the billycock of a hobbit
    When I p***ed down unconscious of the naughty. I bored into
    The arsehole of mediocrity, the dopeless lazy Susan.

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