What is the poem Daddy (by Sylvia Plath) about and how does it relate to the topic of family ? Please Help!!?

I need to know how Daddy by Sylvia Plath is related to the topic of family. It would be very appreciated if techniques of how it shows the theme of family were mentioned as well.

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  1. I found this online: Daddy: Shoe Imagery

    Within the first lines, Plath refers to herself as a foot, and her father as the black shoe in which she has lived for so long. When one thinks of a shoe, usually the association is made that the shoe is worn as a kind of protection. The imagery of her father in this way would imply that she has felt protected living in his memory.

    The color black is thought of as the absence of light, darkness, and desolation – obviously the nemesis of purity, light and protection. Assuming that the association between the two is accurate, it would be safe to attribute the speaker’s depressive thoughts, and haunting images, to feelings that she is bound to her father’s memory despite the anger and resentment that she feels. Using this type of association one can feel the animosity with which Plath writes of her father, as distinct from her father in the flesh. On an unconscious level, Plath could blame her father for leaving she and her mother alone.

  2. To me this poem displays Sylvia’s emotions and feelings towards her Father.
    She feels frustrated and there is a lack of communication between Father and daughter.
    She has been hurt, betrayed, and I think he has not cared for her as a child. For all we
    know he may have abused her, ‘I have been so scared of you’ and so she hates him…
    ‘Sorry I had to kill you.’ This poem has German backgrounds, note the use of the term ‘swastika’ instead of God and the reference to the Jews ‘Chaffing me of like a Jew.’ In Nazi Germany, Germans hated Jews. This poem shows the feelings between families that suffer from lack of interaction and selfishness and do not have good foundations. Hope this helps! 🙂

  3. I’m not exactly sure how it relates to “Family”, but I just used it for the topic “Conflicting Perspectives”. Make a big deal of the fact that her father dies when she was six, but she seems to really hate him the way she writes about him, comparing him to a nazi officer and all.

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