Witchcraft : Wiccan Pagan Skyclad

www.zazzle.co.uk Visit my *NEW* Blog! www.malcorvus.blogspot.com The Cunning Pellar Witch Crafter (photos, videos, news feed & witchcraft items) Skyclad …is used to refer to ritual nudity in Wicca and Wicca-based Neopaganism. Many Wiccan groups, or covens, perform some or all of their rituals skyclad. Not all Pagans practices skyclad, and ritual nudity is not exclusive to traditional Wicca.

14 thoughts on “Witchcraft : Wiccan Pagan Skyclad

  1. IMO No one should be ashame of their nude body. In doing so it gives power to those who will use it against you. Interogators & torturers cannot strip you naked and shame & humiliate you if you dont give them the power to.

  2. skyclad,why not?i can see myself running from rednecks and their trucks in my robe.running away nude with my goober flopping into thrones..no way..it is also a choice…but i have tried it..my workings are at equal results..so i go with the robe

  3. please, youtube, save from seeing nipples and vaginas because I have the mind of a right wing five year old… ha ha ha. Yeah, right.

  4. Wow, when it’s not pictures of actual people, it looks really impressive and beautiful

  5. This video is really well made! Great pictures and really imformative!
    I don’t practice skyclad but that isn’t to say I wouldn’t ever.

  6. no, nudity doesn’t necessarily make rituals more powerful. Neither does wearing fabulous robes! But in both cases, intent can be signalled by either wearing robes or being nude. And intent is what it’s all about! Great vid BTW.

  7. Nuditz doesn§t necessarily make rituals more powerful! Do you really think a layer or two of cloth is enough to stop universal energy? Do me a favour! Some people simply prefer to work skyclad because it is more natural for them. You can practice powerful magic magic and raise immense forces whatever you wear.

  8. Excellent video, very informative. Where did you get the old black and white pictures of witches going up chimney’s? 5/5

  9. I really love your videos, they are well made and very informative.

  10. Performing rituals without clothing is a wonderful experience. Most of my rituals is conducted skyclad.

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