25 thoughts on “Enya – Athair Ar Neamh

  1. Enya ….. the musical genius of this era,I rarely listen to anything but Enya,Secret Garden,Loreena Mckennitt, several others because…this genre of music has a Spiritual,emotional quality that is unmatched

  2. @notworthmanslaughter
    Thanks for posting the translation. It’s beauitful! 🙂

    If churches had songs as warming with voices as lovely as Enya they would not be so cold, lacking love.

  3. @notworthmanslaughter …Thank you for the translation, Gaelic is beautiful language in itself too :)…


  4. @notworthmanslaughter thank you very much for translating this song…i always wondered what it meant…..:)

  5. If the creator had wanted all to remain the same, it would.
    I’m not sure who’s quote this is, but I like it;
    “the creator expresses herself most articulately through change, not permanence.”
    have y’all ever considered the possibility of intelligent evolution?

  6. This song envokes such a potent feeling of peace… every lyric of it brings calm.

  7. for reason i keep thing this would be the perfect song for lord of the rings credits

  8. @EmYyM87 I bet you don’t know a thing about the universe in which we live. Men is not blind. In fact, men had to theorise alot before we came to conclusions, but we did. And about evolution, it is real, in fact: it is happening right now. The technological singularity. It is when technology advances and evolves so quickly, it will raise above humans. We found evidence of the early humans anyway, what’s there to doubt? I think you should study men’s theories and come back in a couple of years.

  9. how can we belive in evolution?!It’s the most stupid idea i’ve ever heard.Look how our body is made,there is an inteligence behind thoose things,all, an inteligence upon ours.How can we evolved in something higher than we are? there are thousands of things and fenomens that we dont understand..and we belive in evolution.man is blind, man is going in the wrong direction.someone says that:” If i’ll die by beliveing in god and he doesnt exist, i wont loose nothing,but if he does il loose everythin

  10. God is by faith and He answers only in your heart …if u put the logic before feelings, u will distroy thoose feelings.. if u see a flower u can’t say a formula of her beauty, but u still know that is beauty..same way is god, but here comes the faith..u have to belive that he is good and he exist..but to be sure of this ..u must stay in his word, and he will reveal to u in many ways..not an apartion or something..many times u dont see Him but u are shore that He’s next to u..

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