Is It Ok For A Christian To Use Healing Stones?

I’ve been using and recharing Energy Stones lately. I’m hoping, please do not answer this unless you know what energy stones are. I’ll go ahead and say here, because there are bound to be people who don’t. You know how rose quartz is for love? And you can get little charms, like green jade is for luck? It is like that. Really, everyone has purchased a ring, or a keychain, or a necklace like this. Tigers eye is for courage, and stuff like that. I still believe in only one God, that he is the God that created everything and that even if no one on earth were to worship him, “the rocks would still praise him”. I am wondering if he means this literally. I don’t need them, it is just nice to have them, even if it is just my mind fooling itself, which I do not believe it is. Each stone has a different energy to it, which can balance out or add to our energy, kind of like birth stones. I’ve been praying about it, and I know and it’s been shown to me that energy stones are used mainly in religions under paganisim outside of Christianity, but I am wondering if it in itself is wrong. It’s not magic, it nature, and energy. Flowers are the same as well, roses for love, but if anyone takes it beyond symbolisim, it suddenly becomes bad?

And please give me bible scripture concerning this. Or tell me anything that feels inspired. I don’t want to be doing a wrong thing, and I don’t want to invite or welcome any evil spirits into my life or into my home. But if it is nature, like magnets, or energy lines across the earth, or the positive ions that are in the air after a rain or near a waterfall that are proven to calm people down and make them feel more lovely dovey… wouldn’t it just be natural?

((p.s., if you have ever worn green jade for luck, or or wore a stone for what it is for that you got at a local store, please don’t be a hypocrit, but still, I ask you to be honest))

Also, everyone who uses energy stones, can I keep my faith and belief in the Lord and my savior Jesus who died on a cross, and still get closer to nature and use my healing stones?

And my brothers and sisters, what you do feel about this? If anything is inspired by the holy ghost for you to say, please say it.

And for everyone else, please tell me what you think as well.

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  1. They work exactly as well as prayer: that is, not at all, apart from the placebo effect.

  2. No, if your christian brethren are true followers of the bible then they will surely use your healing stones to stone you for your pagan sin.

  3. You can use what you want.. I burn frankincense and myrrh in my home.. pleasant odor to the Lord. To each their own “What doth profit, my brethen, though a man say he hath faith, and not works? can faith save him? “

  4. Are you seriously going to let other people’s interpretations of your religion affect your life? I mean you have enough of that already by following the ridiculous beliefs of Christianity, but do you really need others people inputting their misguided ideas into your life?

    If the stones make you happy then continue using them. It’s not like it can hurt you. Do what makes you happy in life as long as it doesn’t harm others and you have nothing to worry about.

  5. Hi Jasmine,

    at the end of the day, it all depends on what you are trusting in.

    If a Christian is using stones to help them in life, then you are really trusting yourself (your own wisdom) by using stones. Proverbs 28:26 says “he who trusts in himself is a fool” In the Old Testament King David said “in you alone do I put my trust”. In the New Testament, Jesus said “Trust in God, trust also in me” (John 14 verse 1).

    In the Old Testament, from Moses time on, the priests used two stones (the Urim and Thummim) to find God’s will. Since Jesus’ resurrection we have the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth. He is also the source of God’s healing power, through the Atonement.

    If you need healing, I suggest you read the book “Christ The Healer” by FF Bosworth as a trustworthy source of healing information.

  6. Hello,

    I join you in the search about your question. I am in a bible study about the tabernacle and how it is connected forwards and backwards and in all sorts of ways to our relationship with God. From the garden of Eden to the tabernacle to the temple to Christ, to us to heaven. Anyway, this last week I was reading in Revelation 21 about the foundation of the wall of the heavenly city. I did a research project and looked up all the rocks listed – quite beautiful – especially considering it’s a foundation! Then I chose jewlery as a topic for an english corner class and got looking into gemstones. There were also 12 stones on the ephod that the priests wore in the old testament. On the internet, I began finding things about healing rocks and so on. So I’ve started to ask how this relates to our biblical understanding. I don’t think they work as a charm – where you wear something for good luck. I think that is very dangerous. Many people can come under a curse or spiritual oppression because of spiritual curses put on amulets etc. However, I also think it would make sense and be quite possible that God could have created rocks with healing ability. There is medicine in plants, so why not healing in rocks? Continue in prayer, seek the Lord. If you are attached to something or trusting in the rocks rather than Him etc, He might lead you to give them up. Ultimately we want to live for Him. We have to trust Him, there’s faith, yes. He is good, He is a loving Father, He will lead you into all truth. Keep on seeking, keep on asking, keep on searching, keep on finding. Blessings on you my sister. 🙂

  7. I also believe in stones and god and have the same confusion my self. I do not think it is “wrong” though. we are not worshiping the stones right ? I saw an article that said god is against anything occult. and energy stones are considered occult. but it is not magic , though it can be used in a form of magic for those who do witch craft , but if you are not using it for magic and / or evil, why should it be a problem ? god made everything on earth. he made the stones with the earths energy and force fill. yeah, Christians are against anything that’s idolized ” do not idolize any other lord” but the stones are not a lord they are gifts from god . a gift that everyone should take consideration and appreciation of ! lol we thank god for creating this energy for us. not say ” forget Christ we have these stones for happiness” no , we say “thank you for this energy you brought in to my life lord . as long as the stones aren’t dragging you away from the lord you are to be fine. as long as you accept jesus as your lord and savior you will be saved (:

  8. I am still confused, about this stones its my first time to hear about the black obsidian and its function which are really wonderful, but my question is that is there any bible verse that ever encouraged a Christians to use the stones for protection and all that the stones can do? I also thanks God for creating all that helpful stones.

    I think as there is herbs that heals the different kinds of diseases, so possibly the stone can heal, but what is wrong with man is that, we gonna focus on the stones and worship then spread the news about their healing power and forgeting to evangelises about the good news of God.

    For we like shortcuts. It’s better to use it under the guidense of the holyspirit, we should ask for wisdom even about them so that we may not perish. But have a good relationship with God our creater. Amen!

  9. I mean, God made the stones right? So why are we giving Satan all the credit for it? Yes, people of the pagan religion uses them because they believe they have powers and their abilities to use them. But if you know where the power comes from and you are acknowledging God through them, then why would it be wrong just because others have tried to glorify themselves and acknowledge the power to be just in the stones and not of God? Like someone already said, plants have healing abilities and we use them, why not the stones? The difference is called discernment and I think if you aren’t sure how to discern using them for Satanic purposes and using them as a way to Worship God, then you shouldn’t use them at all. I was raised Christian, turned away from it and practiced Magic in order to have power and control of my own life (lol to that), then converted back to Christianity. So I can see a HUGE difference in practicing witchcraft, magic, or any other self empowering use, and then Acknowledging that God created these beautiful things for us to use, just like for or medicinal plants. God says he gives us Dominion over the Earth and we barely acknowledge this. He put us in charge, but yet we take a back seat and let Satan try to rule. I think Christians should stand up, rebuke him, tell him to step off Satan, this doesn’t belong to you! And start using the resources in Jesus name!! And take back everything that was stolen from us!! In order to say that using stones is just for witchcrafters, you have to know what was going through their minds when they used them. Not God. It wasn’t “God’s power” they were trying to use, it was their own powers they were acknowledging that infuriates God. Ok, so some say they give credit to the actual stone or universe or whatever, but it’s their knowledge of the use of it absent from God that makes it evil.

  10. I am a Christian and have pondered this as well. What I have come to believe is if God gave man things of the earth such as herbs for healing why not stones and rocks? Hemalayan salt lamps are rock and have healing properties why not other stones? Specific stones are mentioned in the Bible and used for a reason. Beside they are beautiful!

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