What are dreams and why do they differ from normal thought?

What are dreams and why do they differ so much from normal thought? Why are they like movies? And why do we think we are really there as they are happening?

What are dreams?

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  1. dreams are your subconscious expressing itself. normal though is conscious thought, it’s rational and bound to the laws of logic whereas dreaming and subconscious thought is not. because it’s a fact that when a person dreams… in the brain thoughts do not go to this place in the front which is the place that is the logic center of the mind.
    dreams express all the things that are effecting you that you are unaware of… they can show you things you miss in life, like a subliminal message. they tell you how something is effecting you using symbols… that’s where the whole field of dream interpretation comes in.

  2. they are still your thoughts..but your subconscious thoughts. things that you suppress or try not to think about during the day may come up during the night because you don’t control that.

  3. dreams are a collection of your subconscious thoughts

    those thoughts are then arranged in your dreams to make sense (thought in reality they are nonsense)

    its a way for your brain to review all the information its been given though out the day

  4. I read this excerpt in my Psych book and there is a theory that dreams are actually you brain storing and getting rid of information that you learned that day. Also dreams fade very quickly and when you are suddenly woken up from say an alarm clock you remember them better rather than waking up on your own. It is just a theory. but the article didn’t say anything about them being movie like

  5. Dreams originate in the Id where fear is rampant and there are no boundaries.
    though originates in the waking mind where the mores and boundaries of society keep us in check.

  6. we don’t really know. what we do know is that when you sleep, the chemicals in your brain are at work much more than when not. You think in a more abstract, fluid manner-sort of like an infant. Perception and size dont matter, just general shape/construction and placement. We learned about this at architecture school (yes, believe it or not lol). Basically, good artist and designers “dream while they’re awake” and thats why they are so abstract.

  7. Dreams are the subconscious at work, play, and everything that we do during our waking hours. It takes all of the input that is stored in the brain and uses it as a sort of information base. Everything that we have ever seen, felt, or experienced is there in the brain somewhere. That is why we sometimes will have a dream of something that happened long ago, never again in our waking thoughts, but retrieved during a dream. Dreams are the mind at play.

  8. I really don’t know, I can tell you that I agree, I once had a dream I got an Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and a Wii all in one night. I was so excited and the slightest moment when I woke up I was still excited about that I “had those games” but then when I woke up a little more, reality kicked in.
    I know that dreams could be something beyond us, like Deja Vu.

  9. Dreams are subliminal pictures that go through the mind as we sleep.Dreams seem to differ from normal thought,but they don’t.Dreams are always trying to tell us something.Just in a different way.Our imagination clashes with our normal thinking in dreams.They can send us simple messages(which we don’t realize).Such as,”I have a math test on Friday” and “I left my keys in the car!”. These messages can just be simple reminders.But, messages can have more complexities.For example,let’s say you have a dream where you keep falling forever.That means you’re feeling insecure about something.But sometimes, even experts cannot analyze what dreams are trying to tell us.

  10. there are 3 stages of the mind
    1) Alpha: the regular normal state of mind.
    2)Omega: the super relaxed zen like state.
    3) Gamma: the wierdest of the 3 it is the state of mind that the mind is in during sleep it is a problem solver state if you had problems during it uses references for your memory to try to solve the question(That is why it is like a movie).
    Gamma is the most powerfull of the states it holds all memory in its deep mental recesses so in reality everyone is a movie maker in there minds( Babys don’t have dreams because they have nothing to reference to solve their problems)

  11. Your question has already been answered in what everyone else said…

    Regardless I suggest that you see the movie Waking Life which can help you understand more about dreams and maybe even yourself.

  12. This probably isn’t true but this is what i like to think of dreams. Instead of it being our subconscious, i think of it as we are looking into another dimension where people who look like us are different people with the same soul.

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